Saturday, 18 October 2014

An Ebola Scenario UK

Did that man have Ebola? He was coughing and sneezing.
He Might Have Contracted Ebola
Let's suppose a large group of Africans walk out of a seaside hotel where they have just been placed after landing on our Shores and claiming asylum.
In our proposed case here, they are angrily complaining that the food is "no good" (it really did happen a few weeks ago in Folkestone just down the road from my home-town in Kent), and then one of them coughs and sneezes just as a person walks past.

Our man here is hit in the face with a myriad of microbes but walks on. Two days later he suffers a headache and detects a sore throat. Fearful he may have been infected, he phones NHS111.

The NHS Conducts Screening of the Patient
The NHS asks a series of pointless questions, such as "was the man who sneezed from an Ebola infected country?" Of-course the potential patient does not know. But he has wife and children at home, he visits his mum and dad occasionally and also communicates with colleagues at work.
He's just terrified he might have Ebola and could infect all and sundry around him, and possibly see his loved ones dying before his eyes.
A SWAT team arrives and takes his blood samples, packs them carefully and sends them on to the laboratory in Porton Down near Salisbury where the UK does all its testing for Ebola. After a further seven hours, when a phone call comes from Salisbury announcing the "all-clear", the man has already died a thousand deaths through sheer anxiety.

This is probably going to happen to hundreds of thousands of people if Ebola enters Britain.
Written by D. Alexander

What will happen when Ebola hits the UK?

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Police in Britain

It's hard to see how the Police can keep track of Islamic State in Britain.
It's hard to see how the Police can keep track of muslim rape gangs exploiting British girls in Britain.
It's hard to see how the Traitor T. Blair can continue being the "peace envoy" to the Middle East instead of sitting in a cell awaiting his sentence.
What about the former Special Branch officers who infiltrated paedophile groups in order to blackmail politicians? Why are these former Special Branch officers not interrogated by the Police and told to reveal all their information to Courts of Justice?

Written by D. Alexander

The Chilcot Report Withheld: why does T. Blair get away with Treason?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ebola Is Airborne

Coughing and Sneezing
Going by a recent announcement from the World Health Organisation, the Ebola virus can be spread through the air at short distance through convulsive reactions such as coughing, sneezing and vomiting.
It can also be transmitted indirectly through contact with contaminated surfaces with which an infected person has previously come into contact. This could be anything, from a door handle to a toilet chain, from clothing to a supermarket trolley. Also paper and metal money, cash machines, public transport …. The list could go on and on and on.

Until now, no-one has considered what effect Ebola can have on the sewage system, which could become a mass-carrier of the disease. Spitting and urinating in public areas could also become a means of infection. 

The UK Government Is not Fit for Purpose
An utterly incompetent Government in Britain is wilfully exposing the population of our Country to Ebola, allowing in people from anywhere while knowing that a plague-like virus is rapidly spreading around the world. Contrary to the plague, which has an expiry date, as does the Flu, Ebola does not, which makes it an extremely dangerous virus that is not limited in time. It can go on and on for years and decades, while being transmitted through the air and by direct and indirect contact with infected persons.

UK Borders Open to Ebola
Currently, Britain’s borders are being held wide open to the Ebola disease. The fact that hundreds of medical staff in West Africa have died of the virus while coming into contact with patients, and that a Spanish nurse in Madrid and an American nurse in Texas have both contracted Ebola while treating patients – notwithstanding they were wearing standard protective clothing, does not appear to alert the British authorities to the danger of Ebola.
Once it were to hit Britain and go out of control, our National Health Service, the NHS, could collapse within months.

Men in White Coats
The British Parliament is in need of a reality check, there needs to be a mental sanity check on those who are making the decisions in our Government offices. It is time to sack the British Government and exercise full control over our borders for the greater good of the British People.         

Written by D. Alexander

The Ebola Time Bomb Coming to Britain

British Government Promises Ebola for Christmas

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Ebola May Soon Hit Northern Africa

North Africa at Risk of Ebola
Ebola has spread at an alarming rate within less than one year, passing from one person to tens of thousands of people. The highly contagious virus could soon reach northern Africa owing to migration towards Europe and Britain of large numbers of people seeking asylum. Asylum should be considered here as meaning emigration towards an easy, comfortable life where everything is paid for.  
The first case of the current outbreak of Ebola goes back to December 2013, starting with one person in Guinea in western Africa. Doctors did not diagnose the illness as Ebola, but instead thought it was another locally known virus. It spread to that person's family, and eventually to numerous people in the area around the village.
Only in March 2014 did the authorities discover it was a strand of Ebola.
The number of people who have been infected since then in that region of Africa – an area meanwhile spanning five countries – is thought to be in the tens of thousands, a lot more than the official 7,000. Most of these have died without having been diagnosed.
With an incubation period that can be between 2 and 21 days (this is an assumption that is not 100% proven), it is mathematically certain that sooner or later someone infected with the Ebola virus will turn up in Morocco trying to get to Spain, or in Libya with the intention of reaching southern Italy.
Open Door EU Policies even with Ebola about  
Britain's and - in general - the European Union's open door policy on asylum seekers, with guaranteed stay in a hotel, a council flat and the weekly welfare cheque while the asylum claim is being processed, is exposing Morocco, Libya, and all northern African countries to the Ebola virus.

In order to reach El Dorado and the asylum-seeking paradise, people will travel through these countries that geographically divide their own homelands from the West. When disaster strikes, the populations of northern Africa will not thank the insane Bolshevik leaders of the West once they do have Ebola spreading among them.

Written by D. Alexander

Ebola Is Airborne

The Ebola Time Bomb Coming to Britain

When Is Ebola Going to Hit Britain?

Is the UK Government Trying to Infect Us with Ebola?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Migrating Birds, Banksy and an Essex Council

Migrating Birds in Essex
So, this is about migrating birds. They are African birds, migrate from Africa to Europe and Britain, work hard to build a nest, lay their eggs, work hard to feed their young, bring them up, and then within the year the whole family returns to Africa.
You could also put the same situation this way: they are actually British and European birds that do all the above, then migrate to Africa to spend winter in the sun, and then return home to make a family life.
Either way, they do not get a free council nest, a welfare cheque and every other benefit from other birds, either In Britain-Europe, or in Africa.
Just imagine the realm of birds was ruled by LibLabCon: the sparrows swamped the swallows' nests, the hard-working swallows worked hard to feed the sparrows, while these sat there and said: CHEAP. 
Yes, it would be very cheap.

Written by D. Alexander

The Ebola Time Bomb Coming to Britain

Probability of 50% that Ebola Hits UK in October 2014
Experts now predict a 50% probability that the Ebola virus will reach Britain during 2014. Following the same prediction model, they calculate a 75% probability of the deadly virus hitting Europe by the end of October 2014.
Here is the link to this latest information as presented on EWN Eyewitness News:

Are the Authorities Lying to Us on Ebola?
Officially, the number of people who have been infected with the Ebola virus has surpassed the 7,000 mark as of beginning of October 2014. However, even six weeks ago, estimates suggested the number of people then infected with Ebola may have reached 12,000. It is not a secret that in western Africa, numerous victims of the disease have remained undiagnosed, and that many of these have since died   

Considering that the infection rate, according to official estimates, has been doubling every 20 days, it could be that already tens of thousands have contracted the Ebola virus. There have been cases of workers who were sent to collect bodies being killed by villagers in west Africa, which leads us to believe that the authorities in some western African countries have no overall view of the spread of the virus, as the health workers are in fear of being attacked and killed.

We may legitimately ask whether the British Government is indulging in giving out considerably lower figures for the epidemic, so as to make us believe that the outbreak is significantly less serious than it actually is. The reason being, that if people knew that the Ebola virus is totally out of control and spreading at an alarming rate in various African countries, the masses would demand an immediate ban on all immigration and on all travel, both legal and illegal, from the African continent.

The Bolshevik Establishment Must Lie to Exist
As is common to an undemocratic, Bolshevik governing establishment, lying to the People is the norm. Scandals are covered up with the same speed and ease as hot-scones are distributed at a fair. And the prospect of us being infected with a deadly virus in the name of a globalist, corporate economic system, is a price they consider well worth paying in return for maintaining their insane grip over the world.

But we may be one hundred percent sure that Ebola will not be allowed to enter Buckingham Palace, or any other palace, castle or estate belonging to the privileged and wealthy who dominate our Country.  

Written by D. Alexander

Ebola Is Airborne

Update: Ebola Has Hit Spain
The virus has been contracted in Spain by a nurse who had been among those treating a patient who later died of Ebola. A report from the BBC:

Update: Ebola Is spreading in Texas
While the USA has initiated screening at airports for passengers arriving from countries where Ebola has been raging, the virus is already spreading in Texas.
A nurse who had used a standard protective outfit to treat a patient with Ebola in a Texas clinic has contracted the virus, notwithstanding the protective gear used by the medical staff. The case is similar to that of a nurse in Spain who contracted the virus while treating an Ebola patient and wearing standard anti-virus protective clothing.

When Is Ebola Going to Hit Britain?

Is the UK Government Trying to Infect Us with Ebola?

Ebola may soon Hit Northern Africa

Friday, 3 October 2014

When Is Ebola Going to Hit Britain?

Ebola May Reach Britain Anytime
Since my previous article on Ebola, the virus has entered the United States of America. It was most likely introduced by a Liberian citizen who knew he had the virus and intentionally gave wrong information in order to embark on an aeroplane to the USA.
The following Sky News article gives a brief account:
We need to ask the question: when is someone going to arrive in Britain infected with the Ebola virus and spread it among us before the infiltration of the virus is detected?

No Border Controls
It is a known fact that heavy goods vehicles enter Britain without undergoing any border control. Also known is that illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia are waiting in their tens of thousands inside France to assail lorries headed for the UK and hide inside a trailer until they reach Britain’s shores.

Once here, they know they will be accommodated in a hotel at State expense from day one and can claim asylum, a process that may take years. They know they will be housed at the State’s expense for all this period, and that a whole legal process involving lawyers paid for by the British State will ensure that they can make an appeal should their asylum request be turned down.

The Government Is Committing Treachery
The UK Government is responsible for betraying the British People on many counts. Their wilful act of exposing Britain to the Ebola virus by knowingly not imposing border controls on every person and every vehicle entering our Country - to the point that thousands of illegal migrants can enter Britain inside lorries that are not subject to any check, goes beyond wilful negligence. It is Treason!

Written by D. Alexander

Ebola Is Airborne

Is the UK Government Trying to Infect Us with Ebola?

The Ebola Time Bomb Coming to Britain:

Ebola may soon Hit Northern Africa

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Is the UK Government Trying to Infect Us with Ebola?

The Rapid Spread of Ebola in West Africa
The Ebola virus is spreading with alarming speed in three West African countries, and reports claim that by the end of the year 2014, as many as 1.4 million people could have become infected in the region.

The national health services in the affected countries, which are Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, have reached breaking point, with clinics unable to treat the increasing number of people arriving with Ebola, or indeed with other ailments, and with hundreds of medical staff already dead after having contracted Ebola from the patients.

African Migrants Spreading all over Western Europe
Hundreds of thousands of Africans are entering Europe illegally each year, mainly through southern Italy, southern Spain and Greece.
Those coming from West Africa mainly enter through the Spanish enclaves in North Africa (Ceuta and Melilla). The migrants landing in Italy arrive after crossing the Mediterranean from starting points in Libya.

Once in Europe, whether entering through Greece, Italy or Spain, all migrants can claim asylum. They have leave to stay until their asylum case has been processed, which normally results in acceptance of their demand for asylum and takes around one year.

Once granted asylum, they are free to move anywhere within the European Union with the right to make a further asylum claim in any country of their choice, and in return receive free housing and a weekly welfare cheque. At this point, they can legally bring their whole extended family over, to be cared for free of any charge by the host country, with free housing and all social benefits, and a weekly cheque for every family member. They are exempt from finding work.      

African and Asian Migrants Stowed in Lorries Entering the UK
An increasingly large number of African and Asian migrants who have entered Europe and availed of European Union asylum, then head to the French port of Calais in an attempt to seek a second grant of asylum in Britain after reaching the Port of Dover. Many of these come from Africa, and their collective aim is to seek free accommodation for life in Britain and receive the life-long benefit cheque that will grant them perpetual assurance of a guaranteed income in return for doing absolutely nothing, apart from turning up on our shores.

Once they arrive in Britain after having entered the trailer of a lorry and concealed their presence, they then claim asylum and are immediately housed in a hotel at State expense, usually in London where hotel accommodation costs at least three times more than in other parts of Britain. They are immediately given money, and are free to go wherever they will while their asylum request is being processed.
This may take even years.

So Is the UK Government Doing Its Best to Infect Us with Ebola?
Considering that every day tens of thousands of lorries enter Britain without undergoing any form of border control owing to European Union open border policies, and considering also that the UK Government flatly refuses to introduce any border control on lorries entering the United Kingdom, the answer is yes. The British Government is definitely intent on wilfully exposing us to the Ebola virus, to which there is no known cure.

How Could Britain Protect Itself From an Ebola Outbreak?
To answer this question, we must first wait till the Government has wilfully allowed Ebola to enter our Country, then we will find an answer. 
But it will be too late then.

Written by D. Alexander

Ebola Is Airborne

When Is Ebola Going to Hit Britain?

The Ebola Time Bomb Coming to Britain:

Ebola may soon Hit Northern Africa

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Chilcot Inquiry and Censoring of Freedom of Speech in Britain

Press Censoring of the Chilcot Report
In Britain, the Chilcot report has been reduced to silence. Once again this is Establishment cover-up of yet another scandal.

I have publicly demanded that the Chilcot inquiry be made known, but my request has been repeatedly and systematically censored from the online comments section under relevant news articles.
This is the statement that is object of repeated censoring: 

Why has the Chilcot report not been made public?
Parliament is covering T. Blair and this does not correspond to the Constitution concerning a British public inquiry.

As a British citizen I publicly demand the right to see the Chilcot report in its unedited version.

Establishment Cover-up
I repeat my demand that the Chilcot report be made public now, as it is a British public inquiry. Silence is consent, I have not consented to the covering up of a public inquiry in Britain and will not accept news censoring of my legitimate demand.  

Written by D. Alexander

Sunday, 7 September 2014

White Genocide in Britain

Well here is one example of what I consider potential genocide:
I live in Kent, which is known as the Garden of England. In my district (Dover District), the council's core strategy (still awaiting approval) envisages the building of over 14,000 more houses by 2026. Our district population is around 100,000, so this would imply migration to our area of tens of thousands of people within just 12 years from now.

We do have plenty of empty houses for sale and for rent, and even empty shops, so clearly there is no lack of accommodation for the local residents or for people who might wish to move here. Indeed this can be ascertained by simply looking at the available housing in the many estate agencies here.

My point of reasoning is as follows:
a significant increase in the population MUST require a proportionate increase in farming to supply food. However, the new homes would be built on farm and woodland, even on an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and on a Scheduled Ancient Monument area (Western Heights Napoleonic defences).

Meanwhile, the Government has designated the WHOLE of Dover District for fracking of shale gas AND shale oil, because the energy resources Britain currently relies upon are dwindling.

So, if some time in the future we had a worldwide - or regional - weather disaster, such as prolonged floods or drought, or volcanic ashes from Iceland causing a drastic drop in temperature (which researchers believed happened at some point in the Bronze Age), we could find ourselves with MANY more people living here due to mass migration policies to our area, and LESS farm and woodland to cater for our food requirements and to absorb torrential rains.

Add to this, that the 2010 election promise to introduce the Localism Bill that would enable BINDING referendums on important local issues, such as urban/rural development, was totally scrapped in November 2011 in the House of Lords.
So NO democratic vote on our future, on whether we actually WANT such a massive influx of migration to our area.

Yes, we could be faced with even mass destruction of our soil through mass-fracking for shale gas and shale oil. Yes we could die a collective death! 

Written by D. Alexander

Monday, 5 May 2014

Scotland and the Public Debt

Scotland’s Vote on Independence
Scotland is preparing to vote on separation from the rest of the current Union of Britain. If the majority chose independence from Westminster, would the Government of a depleted Union try to impose a share of the public (or national) debt on Scotland? The figure could amount to around £130 billion, which is 10% of the national debt. If so, Scotland would be bankrupted from the start.

Britain’s public debt is £1.3 trillion; that is one thousand three hundred billion pounds. One billion is one thousand million, so we have a picture of what our national debt looks like. Distributed among everyone resident in Britain, that would be around twenty thousand pounds per person, adult or child without exception.

Impossible to Pay the Public Debt
It is impossible to repay this sum, and indeed in 2014 Britain will pay around £60 billion alone on interest on the national debt. Since the Coalition came to power in May 2010, this debt has increased by 80%, and it is steadily going up. It is estimated that by May 2015, in time for the next general election, it will have doubled since 2010.

This debt bubble will burst when the Government - whichever government that be – decides to officially declare the State insolvent. This will mean that Britain will default on repayment of government bonds, which constitute the national debt. The reason is that further austerity to cut state spending would rapidly bring Britain into the situation Greece is in and even worse. And there is no bailout forthcoming as most countries in Europe are in a similar situation to Britain with an enormous national debt, as too is the United States of America, where the debt has surpassed the $17 trillion mark.

As the national debt rises, so too will the annual interest the State must pay. Government bonds earn nearly 5% a year on interest, which is almost three times higher than Britain’s current 2% rate of inflation.  

Scotland Would Gain Nothing
Will Scotland accept to take on a share of Westminster’s public debt sheet? To do so would be tantamount to bankrupting the Scottish Nation. To remain a part of the current Union implies bankruptcy anyway. So what is the point in breaking away if that means transferring to Scotland an immense burden that the Country could never pay off, a ball and chain the weight of which would increase exponentially, as it does anyway under Westminster’s governance? 
There would be no point in it!

If Scotland kept the English pound it would make the Country liable to the national debt that is attached to this currency. While in theory Scottish oil and gas revenues would no longer go directly to Westminster’s treasury, taking on a share of Britain’s national debt, however, would sponge away all these revenues and much more. In fact, a significant part of Scottish revenues would be needed to service Westminster’s public debt requirements. Alone the interest on a £130 billion Scottish share of the public debt would require Scotland handing over six and a half billion pounds a year to the British Treasury.

Written by D. Alexander

Saturday, 22 March 2014

How the British Economy Makes Lots of Money

The following is a brief guide on how money is made:

You need a central bank, plenty of paper and some ink. A silver lining through each note and a watermark will distinguish it from monopoly money.

An even quicker way is to type in some figures on a keyboard that will transmit to a computer’s hard disk, and the central bank has just created digital money. Since January 2009, the Bank of England created £375 billion in digital money using precisely this method.

Sadly, the British economy is calculated in terms of how to make money, lots of it, and very quickly. It is one reason why City bankers can give themselves big salaries and top them up once a year with even bigger bonuses. They may cause the banks to crash, as happened in 2007 and 2008, and so-by risk causing the whole economy to crash too. 
But when this happens, the Bank of England, which is our central bank, will use some paper and ink, or a keyboard, to replenish the banks and the economy, and everything will return to normal: top salaries, bonuses and the high life of Riley. These salaries in fact will be increased with a vengeance, so the City bankers will always come out of it on top.
So now we know how to make plenty of money. It’s so easy, it’s a joke.

What Is this Money Worth?
The money circulated by the Bank of England is not really worth anything, because it has nothing to back it, meaning it is not even worth the paper it is printed on. Then there is the fact that hundreds of billions of pounds of it is digital, whereby it exists only on computer screens animated by a hard disk.     

If you had gone to an English market stall one hundred years ago and tried purchasing some items with a piece of paper worth nothing, they would have positively believed you were cracking a joke. You’d have been expected to pay with silver coins, copper coins, or a banknote to which corresponded a set amount of gold stored away in a vault in the Bank of England.

As it stands today, our money does not correspond to any assets which can guarantee its value, meaning the British State is printing money that is worth nothing. Although the Bank of England does hold around $15 billion US worth of our national gold reserves (around £10 billion), this amount would only suffice to cover a fraction of the currency in circulation in Britain. By contrast, the British Treasury does hold £1.3 trillion in public debt!

France and Italy each hold gold reserves about eight times higher than Britain does, even though the population of each of these countries is about the same as Britain’s. Germany’s gold reserves are even greater, and all Eurozone countries together could probably prop up their common currency, the euro, with enough gold to prevent it from crashing in time of a financial crisis, which could happen if confidence in paper currencies suddenly collapsed.

Britain’s pound, though, would be in a woeful position. It would literally fall to shreds on the currency exchange, imports would become extremely expensive including oil and gas, and even a Chinese T shirt would become unaffordable.

Confidence in the Present Monetary System
We need to understand that most of the money in circulation in Britain has not been printed – either in paper form or in a digital version – by the Bank of England, but has been “created” and lent out in the form of loans by commercial banks, meaning that commercial banks electronically create money that does not, at least in theory, really exist.

This particular detail is important, especially if we consider that the pound’s value in relation to other currencies is calculated in accordance with the amount of pounds issued by the central bank, which is the Bank of England, and not in relation to the amount of pounds “created” by the commercial banks.

So we know the secret to creating lots of money, it’s quite simple: the Bank of England and the commercial banks do it all the time. We should also have understood that this money is guaranteed by the sole paper it is printed on, or by a computer’s hard disk, plus a gigantic public debt of £1.3 trillion, and an official private debt also of £1.3 trillion. Actually the private debt in Britain is believed to be a lot higher.

All this does not inspire confidence, so we may legitimately accept that our present monetary system could simply fall down overnight like a pack of cards once the door opens and a slight breeze enters the room. That is, once confidence in monopoly-style money is no longer forthcoming.

Written by D. Alexander

Britain's Economic Recovery Prediction:

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Crimea Is Now Part of Russia

On Thursday 6th March 2014, the Crimean Parliament voted in favour of Crimea becoming a part of Russia. The decree is with immediate effect, meaning that Ukraine has no jurisdiction within Crimean territory.

The Crimean Parliament also decreed that on 16th March 2014 a referendum shall be held in Crimea on the issue, and that this will serve to ratify the decision already taken by the Crimean Parliament.

Thursday, the Day Crimea Returned to Russia
Thursday 6th March 2014 is the day Crimea’s Parliament democratically voted to end Ukrainian rule over Crimean territory, so on 16th March the People of Crimea will be voting on Russian soil to ratify their Parliament’s decree. They will be asked whether they want their land to remain Russian soil, or to become Ukrainian.

Written by D. Alexander

On 16th March 2014, well over 80% of the population of Crimea turned out to vote in the referendum, and 96% of the voters chose Russia as their Motherland, voting for the reunification of Crimea with Russia.
Within days the Russian Parliament welcomed back Crimea to Russia.

Britain and Russia are Allied Nations. Our Christian Faith is essential in the Alliance between our British Motherland and the Russian Motherland.
No-one can break these ties! 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Forecasting Britain’s Imminent Financial Collapse

The End of the Union of Britain
The increase of Britain’s national debt is many times higher than the inflation rate. This debt has gone up by around 80% from May 2010 to February 2014. Our national debt has passed from around £750 billion to almost £1.3 trillion in less than four years. 

The annual interest on government bonds is almost 5%, so in 2010 we paid around £35 billion on interest on our national debt. In 2014 it will be around £60 billion, and that is just the interest. You will notice that the increase in the public debt is way above the annual inflation rate of 3%, and well above the 5% interest rate on government bonds. This is proof that the Chancellor is utterly out of touch with reality and has been taking us all for a ride for almost four years.

Now have you tried calculating the entity of Britain’s imminent financial crash? It is simple: look no further than Scotland for the answer. In fact, the current Union of Britain may break up in order to avoid the burden of the public debt.  

Scotland to Wave Good-Bye to National Debt
Why would Alex Salmond be so keen to keep the English pound in an independent Scotland? Well he knows the answer from Westminster will be negative, so he feigns betrayal and declares that if Scotland cannot keep the English pound sterling after independence, Scotland will not be obliged to partake in a share of Britain’s public debt. Genius!

Yes, Alex Salmond knows that Britain’s public debt, currently at £1.272 trillion, that is one trillion and 272 billion English pounds, is impossible to service, and he has worked out the stratagem to relieve Scotland of any participation in Britain’s coming financial crash. He doesn’t really want Parliament in London to accept his demand for Scotland to keep the Bank of England pound; instead he wants an excuse for Scotland to be relieved of this burden – by none other than English leaders – and Scotland will be debt-free!

British Parliament have already stated that an independent Scotland cannot keep the English pound, and Mr. Salmond has already made clear that Scotland, consequently, will not inherit any part of Britain’s national debt.

Of-course Scotland’s economy would flourish after an independence vote with no English pound and no public debt. But does anyone seriously believe that the Coalition of jokers that would govern the rest of this Country of ours will be able to continue increasing the public debt and inflicting on us an annual payment – in interest alone – of £60 billion, £75 billion, £90 billion … as each year passes? 

Let’s not forget that the public debt increases at a level way above inflation. Indeed what remained of Britain would inherit Scotland’s share in the national debt, and that could be around £130 billion. The North Sea oil and gas revenues, however, could no longer be used to increment the national Treasury in London, as they would go to Scotland exclusively.

The Government to Confiscate British Savings?
So how long will it take before a desperate government in London decides to enact the Cyprus experiment and confiscate all personal savings above, let’s say, £20,000? Currently there is an EU law allowing the government to confiscate all private savings that exceed 100,000 euro or the equivalent, which in Britain is about £87,000. So the law is already there to go ahead and do it.

Alex Salmond is not a stupid man. He is a cunning statesman who has found a way to detract Scotland from the guaranteed financial collapse that shall visit Britain in the very near future. But we south of the Wall will be left with a pack of 52 jokers, plus two more jokers, the PM and the Chancellor.

The public debt will not be solved by confiscating private savings above £87,000, and not even above £20,000. It would just be a respite to the clueless Treasurer in London and the Prime Minister to hold out for a few more years until the national debt is back there again where it was, at well over one trillion pounds.  

Will England Leave the Union?
So now we may ask the question whether England’s shires will leave the Union too. We could all leave the national debt to the City of London and Buckingham Palace, we could run our own affairs and need not send a penny to a bankrupt Treasury. 
We would prosper! 
The British Union needs to be founded anew, but without the present Establishment 

Written by D. Alexander

How the British economy makes lots of money

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Illegal Policies at the Bank of England?

Part 1
Could the Bank of England Be Violating the Maastricht Treaty?
The following article presents the view that the Bank of England may be in violation of the Maastricht Treaty that forbids governments of EU member states printing money in order to finance their budget. Britain is a signatory state to the Maastricht Treaty.

The Bank of England is, officially, an independent public organisation owned by the Treasury Solicitor on behalf of the British Government and has the authority to manage Britain’s monetary policy. The BoE is responsible for issuing all money in England and Wales, and decides how much money may be issued in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Treasury, with the approval of Parliament, may order the BoE to print any amount of money. Since January 2009, two successive British governments have given the order to the BoE to circulate a total of £375 billion in what is known as Quantitative Easing.

This money has been used to purchase mainly government bonds, not directly from the Treasury, but from pension funds, insurance firms and banks which had already purchased these bonds from the Treasury. So instead of the Treasury paying back the money to its lenders who purchased government bonds, the BoE has minted out of thin air £375 billion to pay out lenders to the Government, thus funding the Treasury through the back door. Indeed, the Bank of England may as well have printed out of thin air this sum and placed it directly in the Treasury. It would have had the same effect.

Is this contrary to the 1992 Maastricht Treaty? Is it proof that our current Parliament, and the one which preceded it, may be involved in a gigantic financial scam? In fact, that which is forbidden as per EU treaty is also forbidden under British Law, as successive British governments have bound British sovereignty to the European Union.

If Britain were to declare the Maastricth Treaty null and void, perhaps the Bank of England's Quantitative Easing programme could pass as an intervention carried out by the central bank of a sovereign state that is not bound to a treaty that prohibits monetising of public debt. But as the Maastricht Treaty is the founding declaration of the European Union, Britain would need to go further and declare EU authority as not binding on Britain. All EU treaties and laws would then need to be cancelled from British Law. 
To fail to do so would mean, in our view, that there is a £375 billion scam.     

European Central Bank and Maastricht Treaty
How do we know Britain is not alone in this imminent financial scandal? Quite simple! The European Central Bank intends to print money out of thin air and lend it to banks in Eurozone countries at a 1% interest rate. These banks in turn would use that money to lend it to their own government treasuries at a higher interest rate, thus financing the state budget of various Eurozone countries with money circulated through Quantitative Easing ie printed from thin air. The same law applies: it is illegal under the Maastricht Treaty. Therefore it would be a financial scam involving numerous Eurozone countries and the European Central Bank, no less than it currently involves the British Parliament and the Bank of England.

In February 2014, Germany’s constitutional court has ruled that the European Central Bank would be acting illegally if it violated the Maastricht Treaty prohibition to print money in order to artificially finance the budget of individual member states of the Eurozone. 
Basically, it is illegal to monetise the public debt in Britain and in any other member state of the European Union signatory to the Maastricht Treaty.

Written by D. Alexander

How the British economy makes lots of money