Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The English Faith

The Fair Lady of the British Isles teaches that the Spirit comes from High and is Divine.

When entering the Church, It is important not to make any symbolic gesture, such as the sign of the cross, because the Spirit does not come unto a person through a sign made by human hand. No human can command the Spirit.

The Fair Lady teaches that people should love the words that the priests speak of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures. This rule applies to speakers of the Sermon in general.

People must enter the Church with a desire to a pure mind, and so they must put aside any glorification of war.
The Sermon is the speaking of the Word of Christ our Saviour, so while listening we must set aside anything that is contrary to the Reign of God.

No symbolic “holy communion” is admissible within the Church, and this is because no human can command the Spirit. There is absolutely no symbolic or ritualistic form of communion or blessing that a human can perform which brings the Spirit upon a person.

Everyone within the Church, including those who read the Sermon, is a brother or a sister. No-one represents the Father.

Only the desire to receive the Spirit and to be pure at heart may bring about God’s blessing.
In the English Church, no human can say: “this IS the Spirit which I am giving you”. No brother or sister can take the place of the Father or of His Son our Saviour.   

The spiritual blessing from High will come of its own free will and within its own time and measure. It is important to cherish this Love from High and not to depart from it.

To pray in communion within the Church assembly is a way to request the Spirit, such as in thanksgiving for God’s Love that we have received and in asking for His continued Love to come.

Our Fair Lady of the British Isles shows us the way leading to Christ's Church because there is no other gateway to the Father. Only the Saviour is the Gateway.

Written by D. Alexander

Monday, 9 March 2015

Origins of British Party

British Party was founded in 2011 as a depository for fundamental economic policies that were written in autumn 2009 in Eastern Dover, Kent.

Together with the writings that have been added in Western Dover since 2010, these policies are original.

British Party is not a political organisation.

It is a presentation relating to the management of the common household intended as our Country. When the house is managed well, all the members can partake in Prosperity as at a feast.    

Written by D. Alexander

British Party