Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Chilcot Inquiry and Censoring of Freedom of Speech in Britain

Press Censoring of the Chilcot Report
In Britain, the Chilcot report has been reduced to silence. Once again this is Establishment cover-up of yet another scandal.

I have publicly demanded that the Chilcot inquiry be made known, but my request has been repeatedly and systematically censored from the online comments section under relevant news articles.
This is the statement that is object of repeated censoring: 

Why has the Chilcot report not been made public?
Parliament is covering T. Blair and this does not correspond to the Constitution concerning a British public inquiry.

As a British citizen I publicly demand the right to see the Chilcot report in its unedited version.

Establishment Cover-up
I repeat my demand that the Chilcot report be made public now, as it is a British public inquiry. Silence is consent, I have not consented to the covering up of a public inquiry in Britain and will not accept news censoring of my legitimate demand.  

Written by D. Alexander

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