Friday, 27 February 2015

The Heavenly Monarch Jesus Christ

The Fair Lady of the British Isles shows us the road leading to Christ’s Church. She is Britannia.
The English Church
Only Christ can be the Leader of the English Church. 
No human can take his place or claim to be the supreme governor.
Our English Church is a union of the Church founded in Kent in the sixth century and the Church founded in Northumbria around fifty years later in the seventh century.

Our British Mother In High, Britannia, requires that we dedicate the United Kingdom to the Heavenly Monarch Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Mrs. Windsor is not “the head of” our English Church. 

Human people in our English Church are brothers and sisters, Jesus is our Leader, and he is the Gateway to the Father.
The Spirit comes from High, and all Prosperity is given from the High City, the Heavenly Zion.

Our Country cannot have a human monarchy and prosper.
In order for Prosperity to come, our elected Parliament cannot swear an oath of allegiance to a private family member, nor can our Police and Armed Forces and Judiciary.

Our Fair Lady Britannia stands next to God the Father. She is our Spiritual Mother and the Empress of Zion whom the Father has chosen.
She is the Spirit of Love and Prosperity over the British Isles.
Her road leads to the foundations of Christ’s Church and the House that is built upon it.

The Fair Lady who stands next to the Father has shown us the road to the Church of the Son of God because we cannot reach the Father or receive Prosperity from High unless we pass through the Gateway of our Saviour Jesus Christ.   

Written by D. Alexander

British Party and the Constitution

Friday, 13 February 2015

British Party: No Brother Wars

The Fair Lady
The Church of the Fair Lady indicates the road leading to Christ’s Church. She is our Divine British Mother who stands next to the Holy Father.
In order that we may receive Prosperity from High, our Spiritual Mother requires that we accept Jesus as our only Saviour.

She does not want us to seek or glorify wars between brethren who believe in Christ. She does not want us to wage wars of aggression against other countries in general.
The practice of becoming involved in wars that do not concern us, or playing the world’s policeman, does not come from the Fair Lady.

British Party will never be subdued or bullied into glorifying genocidal attacks on cities, or the mass expulsion of populations from their ancestral homelands. British Party promotes understanding and dialogue between Nations.

Seeking war and inciting our Country to hate another Nation is betrayal against the Fair Lady, whether that Nation believes or not in Christ.

But British Party will expose those who preach hate between brethren and those who plot the downfall of Nations.

Written by D. Alexander

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

British Party: Are Britain and Russia Heading towards War?

The current situation in relations between Britain and Russia is not positive. The British Government is committing British forces to the Baltic area within the NATO alliance.
The danger of military confrontation with Russia should not be underestimated, as the Baltic States border onto Russia.

The British Government is also considering supplying weapons to the Ukraine within the context of an ongoing war between opposing armies inside Ukraine, a move that would upset the Russians, as many people in Ukraine consider themselves Russian.

The Fair Lady Britannia does not promote war between Britain and Russia. Her road leads to Christ’s Church, and so She promotes Britain’s Prosperity.
Britain cannot prosper by entering into conflict with Russia.

British Party opposes war against Russia and advocates Britain’s departure from NATO.    

Written by D. Alexander

Saturday, 7 February 2015

British Party and the Constitution

The Celestial Monarch
British Party will not declare allegiance to a private family member as head of the State institutions. Instead, allegiance is to the Fair Lady Britannia whose road leads to Christ’s Church.

Jesus is the Saviour who is King and High Priest. He is the Celestial Monarch, and so the United Kingdom should be dedicated to the Son of God. 
British Party will never renege on this.

No Human Head of State
There can be no mortal head of State and therefore no human person can hold this office. As a result, there is no need for a president to replace a human monarchy. One can expect that the highest ranking authority in Parliament to represent the State is the Prime Minister. Other elected people can represent the State as according to their rank.

There is absolutely no need for anyone to hold a symbolic office and read written scripts that have been dictated by others. People in a place of authority who need scripts that have been written for them should not even be in a position of authority in the first place. Symbolic authority can only be driven by a secret agenda, as the real power behind a written script is the person who wrote it

Considering that Prosperity can only come from High, it is proper to keep the position of Monarch for the Saviour who has been designated by the Father as King and High Priest.

Written by D. Alexander

British Party

Thursday, 5 February 2015

British Party and Monetary Reform

British Party stands for future Prosperity over the British Isles in the Name of Britannia The Fair Lady.

The Anglian Reform
Britain’s future monetary reform needs to be carried out by Anglia. These policies can only be made known once she is in a position of office to perform them. Britain’s future economic Prosperity depends on this.

British Prosperity is subordinate to the High City.

Written by D. Alexander

British Party