Friday, 18 September 2015

The Luciferian Agenda of the Illuminati

What is the Luciferian Agenda?
The agenda of the Illuminati began in Italy and its original plan is written in Italian. It is based on the idea of a world order that would go in cycles, repeating itself, with a beginning and an end. When the end comes, it would start off again from the beginning.  

The Luciferian agenda would always start with luxury, and so the cycle that preceded it would always end with the quest for luxury.
There is no illumination from High, no spiritual inspiration, but only a human desire to serve a dull, materialist creed that worships the Prince of Darkness.  The objective of this creed is to pose as the only light and to oppose and make fail all spiritual illumination from the High City.

Luciferian Opposition to the Holy Spirit
The Adversary hates the Spiritual Mother of every Nation. The aim of the Illuminati is to destroy the national sovereignty of each nation and oppose the foundations of every national Church. All countries on Earth would be subdued to one world religion proclaiming to be light, and this religion would coincide with the agenda of the new world order. It does not tolerate any national Church, as no nation would be allowed to seek Communion directly with the Throne of God by way of Jesus our King and Saviour. The Holy Scriptures would be banned from the Altar of each nation.

The Illuminati seek the loyalty of selected elites in return for the promise of luxury. People seeking to maintain a privileged life may decide to forsake the Saviour Jesus and turn to the Prince of the Dark. They may also aim to maintain titles of privilege. In return they help impose the Luciferian agenda from within their positions of power.

Spiritual Love and Thanksgiving are ridiculed, and soul-destruction and slavery are considered the ways to achieve this. Moral codes are replaced with a code of immoral conduct. War is considered essential in order to create the new world order, and so any attempt to achieve economic prosperity through peaceful means and spiritual love is sabotaged.    

The Day and the Hour
Only the Father knows the time of the coming Reign of Christ, and so His promise to introduce a Thousand Year Reign governed by His Son Jesus is aligned to a period in time of which the day and the hour are unknown to Mankind.

The Illuminati are working to thwart the time that introduces Christ’s Reign in an attempt to stop the future from unfolding. In the Luciferian plan, a repetitive time loop would hold humanity in a static limbo where one and the same cycle repeats itself over and again.

Earthly luxury is the one scope that people would live for, held as if like a carrot on a stick that people run after. Whenever the circular timespan came to an end, it would start anew in the same original place and time with the same presentation of nothing other than earthly luxury.

This is because the Prince of Darkness cannot offer spiritual Prosperity or any form of spiritual Creation, hence his followers rely on the idea of usurping God’s Earthly Creation and opposing the Spirit that comes from High. And how else would they offer a reward or any form of hope if not by promising and offering earthly material luxury?

As we can see, spiritual Love for the Father and for our Saviour is that which the Illuminati seek to keep out, as when trying to shut the sun out by placing a dark board in front of a window. Their works are exposed in the real light, and so they would attempt to keep this Light out and replace it - within the darkness - with their own artificial light, one that illuminates only what they wish people to see and to know, a light that obscures in the shadows whatever they wish to keep hidden.  

The Illuminati, which is an Italian word meaning illuminated, will try to make believe that God the Father of the Old Testament is not the Father of the New Testament. They will try to disconnect the New Testament from the prophecies of the Old that herald the coming of our Saviour Jesus. They will try to sow a seed of belief that the Old Testament is evil, and that the New is not valid.

We may not know the day and the hour when the Illuminati attempt to drive home a decisive act to introduce the Luciferian new world order, because our Mother In High Britannia, who is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity and the Chosen Lady, has the Power to thwart the Illuminati agenda before it ever takes place.

She is our Mother Invicta, the One who stands next to the Holy Father and whose road leads to Christ’s Church.
Jesus is our Saviour and the gateway to the Father, therefore he has a Church where people can assemble and hear the Word in Communion.

The Luciferian agenda is destined to fail because our Mother In High commands the Light Tower Church that illuminates the sea.

Her command is that people must love the words that the priests speak of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures.

Written by D. Alexander

In Hoc Signo Vinces