Saturday, 21 September 2013

Royal Mission of the English Church

The English Church professes Faith in Jesus Christ our Saviour.
Jesus is King, being Son of the Most High and born to the royal family of David from the Virgin Mary.

The Church in Kent
The foundations of the English Faith came about in the sixth century through a royal marriage, when Prince Ethelbert of Kent married Princess Bertha of France. As a result of this marriage, Ethelbert, who became King of Kent, converted to the Christian Faith of his Consort, Queen Bertha.

The first English church in form of a building was established in Canterbury – at that time the capital of Kent – and was dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours. King Ethelbert's conversion to Christianity was in virtue of the Gospel imparted unto him by his wife, Queen Bertha.

The English Church has never ceased to exist after being conceived in the Spirit in Canterbury, and its original conception and subsequent foundation cannot be altered.

The Church in Northumbria
A further foundation of the English Church came about during the seventh century in Northumbria, when King Oswald, whose capital was in York, called over Christian missionaries from the Celtic Church of Scotland and Ireland to bring the Christian Faith to his people. This English Church of the North was conceived in the Spirit through the Gospel which the Celtic missionaries brought to Northumbria.

Union in the Gospel
The union of Canterbury and York within England is the union of the English Church, united in the Christian Faith. The royal origins, together with the determination to be a Church dedicated to Christ our Saviour, are undeniable proof that our English Church has a royal mission: to impart the Word of Christ our Saviour to the English People and to be a Light to nations across the seas.

The foundations of our Church can never be taken away from us; and were even our House to crumble, we would rebuild it on the very same foundations on which Christ first edified our Faith: through a royal marriage and through missionaries, through the preaching of the Gospel of our Saviour.

Written by D. Alexander

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