Monday, 27 October 2014

BNP On Immigration

Part 3
Britain is the Promised Land of the Brits.

Immigration in Britain
British National Party’s stance on national identity is linked to the right to a homeland. Britain is the homeland of the British People and naturally we wish to preserve our identity in our own Country.

We object to our Land being exposed to uncontrolled and indiscriminate immigration. We also object to our own people being made to pay for mass immigration in many ways: by ceding our right to work to foreign people who simply come over and take available jobs, by paying every form of benefit to everyone settling here, by paying increased rent and mortgage owing to overwhelming demands on housing.

The British people have become a minority in London. Millions of original Londoners have moved out into the English shires, mostly in order to escape mass immigration. Now there is the prospect of hundreds of thousands more families moving out from London all over Southern England and the Midlands.      

At the same time, millions of Eastern Europeans come and go, either to get a vacant job, or to return home with their savings to purchase a house in their own country.

To add to this, Britain still has a policy of entertaining all asylum seekers in hotels at the taxpayer’s expense. Once the asylum-seeking process is complete, usually with the aid of lawyers paid for by the British State, they move into free accommodation and can bring over their entire extended family. These people know they will receive a weekly welfare cheque from day one of landing on our Shores, and guaranteed child benefit for every child once their family is allowed to come over to join them.    

Who Pays for Immigration?
We need to research the financial situation in our Country to determine how we are paying for uncontrolled and insane mass immigration.

Where does the money come from to pay for the hotel room given to every economic migrant claiming to be an asylum seeker? Who pays their rent once they are given asylum? Who funds the lawyers they use to go through all the asylum-seeking and benefit-claiming procedures?
Who pays the legal expenses when an asylum seeker takes the British State to Court if their request for asylum has been rejected?

Who pays the weekly welfare cheque and the child benefit attached to every economic migrant and their family members once they have waded through the whole process? Who pays for the interpreters employed to translate every word from their language into English, and vice versa?

Where does the money come from to pay jobseekers allowance and housing benefit to every unemployed British person who cannot get a job owing to millions of Eastern Europeans coming and going and walking through the job market, always getting employed owing to their cheap-labour availability?

These people earn between five and ten times more on the minimum wage in Britain than they would in their own country. They are therefore highly motivated and prepared to work 25 hours a day eight days a week for £6.50 an hour, because within six months they will have saved the money to buy a house back home.

The employers know this, which is why they employ motivated Eastern Europeans from EU countries rather than local people. But someone still has to pay JSA and housing benefit for the unemployed local Brits, and this money certainly does not come from the income tax of a £6.50 an hour salary paid to the average Eastern European worker in the UK.

The tax paid by cheap-labour workers from the East of Europe does not contribute to the National Health Service either, or to the costs related to employing armies of staff in our job-centres. And it does not contribute to the costs for paying pensions to retired people.

Finally, who pays for the increased rent and the higher mortgages deriving from a housing market under siege? The higher the demand for housing, the more expensive accommodation will become.

People need to ponder these issues before entering the ballot station, because the mainstream media generally will not give explanations, and usually they will not even inform us that the problems exist.
In reality, we are either all paying for this directly out of our pocket or it is being added to the public debt. Since May 2010, the Coalition has managed to increase the public debt by around 85%, that is, an extra £550 billion in just four and a half years.

BNP Will End Colonisation of our Country
The first act of a British National Party government will be to close the borders to indiscriminate immigration. This will be the very first measure taken, and it will be with immediate effect.

Illegal immigrants will be returned to their country of origin, and those trying to enter will be stopped in their tracks. They will not be placed in a hotel if they make it over here, but in a deportation centre. From there they will be returned home by the swiftest way.

Written by D. Alexander

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Part 2: BNP policy on war and peace

Sunday, 26 October 2014

BNP Policy on War and Peace

Part 2
The elites do not love the flock but would lead the sheep astray and like wolves tear them apart.

Striving for Peace and Prosperity
The British National Party advocates peace in order to achieve a prosperous society. The Party has no intention of starting a war against another country or involving Britain in a war that does not concern us.
There would be many occasions for going to war in countries where a foreign flag dominates the mast, but these lands are beyond our legal competence. Our loyalty is to the Land over which our Union Flag flies high.

The Public must beware of the governing elites and the secretive elites that make decisions over war and peace, because the interests these people pursue are not for the common good. They work primarily for their own ends, usually with the intention of asserting financial and ideological control over other nations.
A government may say that a war is necessary, but they do not say who the people are that will gain from it.

The Opponents of BNP Presenting Their Case for War
In recent history, Britain has been involved in war against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. In each case, the three main parties in Parliament were united in putting Britain at war and exposing our Country to the outcome of their military intervention.
Where did it lead to?

Hundreds of British soldiers have fallen in Afghanistan, many more have been wounded, but no peace could be achieved there. The situation is the same as it was at the outset. Afghanistan is in a state of internal warfare, and those who fought against Western forces are now claiming victory over some of the world’s most powerful armies. This puts them in a stronger position than they were in at the start.

The man who sent British soldiers into Afghanistan, the former Prime Minister T. Blair, is currently the official “peace envoy” to the Middle East. Since leaving Office at 10 Downing Street, he has garnered personal wealth in a value ranging between £20 million and £100 million.   

The fall of the Iraqi state led to years of ambushes against Western soldiers in Iraq, with thousands of dead and wounded among allied personnel. It also led to years of terrorist bombings targeting the civilian population. Well over a million people fled Iraq since T. Blair’s intervention there.
The country is now being torn apart in a horrendous war resulting directly from Parliament’s original intervention there under Blair’s premiership.

The overthrow of the Libyan state, brought about essentially through the Prime Minister D. Cameron, has resulted in that country descending into multiple civil wars, and now it looks likely that Libya is heading for a war similar to the one currently being fought in Iraq.

The parties in Parliament all have one thing in common: they generally supported these wars and they all detest BNP. The most likely explanation for their loathing is that BNP is the ONLY party in Britain that has vehemently opposed these wars, and the hidden interests behind them.

We may even be able to understand why the Establishment is so adamant in presenting the British National Party in a bad light. They probably do so because BNP is the only real opposition to the elites who control Parliament in their own interests

BNP under the Light
British National Party does not have contacts with bankers, global corporations or any other form of established elite. Loyal to the Union Flag and its Christian values, we are the party of the British People.

We aspire to achieve prosperity through honest work, justice and integrity.

Written by D. Alexander

Part 1: Presenting BNP

Saturday, 25 October 2014

BNP Popularity In 2014

Part 1 
Presenting British National Party

British National Party Making Gains across Britain
Popular support for BNP is increasing in Britain, although this news is unlikely to be acknowledged by the mainstream media. To determine how our party is becoming more popular, we need only apply one basic rule: inform and enquire.

This strategy consists in informing a group of people on one specific BNP policy and comparing it to the policies of other parties, and then enquiring which party has the best solution for that particular issue.
You will be surprised to see how many people choose the BNP way.
The same method is repeated to present different issues of popular interest, and every time BNP is the likely candidate to come first.

A Party Free of Puppet Strings
The basic virtue upholding BNP thinking consists in freedom: there are no paymasters dictating policies to the party and so no-one has ever bought our soul.
Compare this to the entire British Parliament, which currently is denying us the right to see the results of a British public enquiry called the Chilcot Report. This public enquiry would reveal to us how the former Prime Minister, T. Blair, made a private agreement with foreign agents to lie to the British Parliament and to the British People in order to wage war in Iraq.

The terrified Parliament has informed the press that the Chilcot Inquiry cannot be made public before the next general election in May 2015, and even then, it may not become known in its original form, but only in an edited version. As a result, the mainstream media have stopped making any reference to the Iraq Inquiry.

If the UK Parliament allowed the Chilcot Inquiry to be published in its unedited version, the British electorate would understand that politics are often conducted by way of puppet strings, where those who pull the strings may not even be residing in Britain.
Basically we are talking here of Treason.

Allegiance to the British People
British National Party’s allegiance is to our Christian Union Flag embodying the identity of a free, sovereign nation.
Our National Flag does not change and so its values remain the same, representing the Christian, British Nation.

Our allegiance is to the British People and the Christian Faith.

Written by D. Alexander

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

An Ebola Scenario UK

Did that man have Ebola? He was coughing and sneezing.
He Might Have Contracted Ebola
Let's suppose a large group of Africans walk out of a seaside hotel where they have just been placed after landing on our Shores and claiming asylum.
In our proposed case here, they are angrily complaining that the food is "no good" (it really did happen a few weeks ago in Folkestone just down the road from my home-town in Kent), and then one of them coughs and sneezes just as a person walks past.

Our man here is hit in the face with a myriad of microbes but walks on. Two days later he suffers a headache and detects a sore throat. Fearful he may have been infected, he phones NHS111.

The NHS Conducts Screening of the Patient
The NHS asks a series of pointless questions, such as "was the man who sneezed from an Ebola infected country?" Of-course the potential patient does not know. But he has wife and children at home, he visits his mum and dad occasionally and also communicates with colleagues at work.
He's just terrified he might have Ebola and could infect all and sundry around him, and possibly see his loved ones dying before his eyes.
A SWAT team arrives and takes his blood samples, packs them carefully and sends them on to the laboratory in Porton Down near Salisbury where the UK does all its testing for Ebola. After a further seven hours, when a phone call comes from Salisbury announcing the "all-clear", the man has already died a thousand deaths through sheer anxiety.

This is probably going to happen to hundreds of thousands of people if Ebola enters Britain.
Written by D. Alexander

What will happen when Ebola hits the UK?

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Police in Britain

It's hard to see how the Police can keep track of Islamic State in Britain.
It's hard to see how the Police can keep track of muslim rape gangs exploiting British girls in Britain.
It's hard to see how the Traitor T. Blair can continue being the "peace envoy" to the Middle East instead of sitting in a cell awaiting his sentence.
What about the former Special Branch officers who infiltrated paedophile groups in order to blackmail politicians? Why are these former Special Branch officers not interrogated by the Police and told to reveal all their information to Courts of Justice?

Written by D. Alexander

The Chilcot Report Withheld: why does T. Blair get away with Treason?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ebola Is Airborne

Coughing and Sneezing
Going by a recent announcement from the World Health Organisation, the Ebola virus can be spread through the air at short distance through convulsive reactions such as coughing, sneezing and vomiting.
It can also be transmitted indirectly through contact with contaminated surfaces with which an infected person has previously come into contact. This could be anything, from a door handle to a toilet chain, from clothing to a supermarket trolley. Also paper and metal money, cash machines, public transport …. The list could go on and on and on.

Until now, no-one has considered what effect Ebola can have on the sewage system, which could become a mass-carrier of the disease. Spitting and urinating in public areas could also become a means of infection. 

The UK Government Is not Fit for Purpose
An utterly incompetent Government in Britain is wilfully exposing the population of our Country to Ebola, allowing in people from anywhere while knowing that a plague-like virus is rapidly spreading around the world. Contrary to the plague, which has an expiry date, as does the Flu, Ebola does not, which makes it an extremely dangerous virus that is not limited in time. It can go on and on for years and decades, while being transmitted through the air and by direct and indirect contact with infected persons.

UK Borders Open to Ebola
Currently, Britain’s borders are being held wide open to the Ebola disease. The fact that hundreds of medical staff in West Africa have died of the virus while coming into contact with patients, and that a Spanish nurse in Madrid and an American nurse in Texas have both contracted Ebola while treating patients – notwithstanding they were wearing standard protective clothing, does not appear to alert the British authorities to the danger of Ebola.
Once it were to hit Britain and go out of control, our National Health Service, the NHS, could collapse within months.

Men in White Coats
The British Parliament is in need of a reality check, there needs to be a mental sanity check on those who are making the decisions in our Government offices. It is time to sack the British Government and exercise full control over our borders for the greater good of the British People.         

Written by D. Alexander

The Ebola Time Bomb Coming to Britain

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Ebola May Soon Hit Northern Africa

North Africa at Risk of Ebola
Ebola has spread at an alarming rate within less than one year, passing from one person to tens of thousands of people. The highly contagious virus could soon reach northern Africa owing to migration towards Europe and Britain of large numbers of people seeking asylum. Asylum should be considered here as meaning emigration towards an easy, comfortable life where everything is paid for.  
The first case of the current outbreak of Ebola goes back to December 2013, starting with one person in Guinea in western Africa. Doctors did not diagnose the illness as Ebola, but instead thought it was another locally known virus. It spread to that person's family, and eventually to numerous people in the area around the village.
Only in March 2014 did the authorities discover it was a strand of Ebola.
The number of people who have been infected since then in that region of Africa – an area meanwhile spanning five countries – is thought to be in the tens of thousands, a lot more than the official 7,000. Most of these have died without having been diagnosed.
With an incubation period that can be between 2 and 21 days (this is an assumption that is not 100% proven), it is mathematically certain that sooner or later someone infected with the Ebola virus will turn up in Morocco trying to get to Spain, or in Libya with the intention of reaching southern Italy.
Open Door EU Policies even with Ebola about  
Britain's and - in general - the European Union's open door policy on asylum seekers, with guaranteed stay in a hotel, a council flat and the weekly welfare cheque while the asylum claim is being processed, is exposing Morocco, Libya, and all northern African countries to the Ebola virus.

In order to reach El Dorado and the asylum-seeking paradise, people will travel through these countries that geographically divide their own homelands from the West. When disaster strikes, the populations of northern Africa will not thank the insane Bolshevik leaders of the West once they do have Ebola spreading among them.

Written by D. Alexander

Ebola Is Airborne

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