Sunday, 22 November 2015

The English Parliament

England should have a Parliament that governs the internal affairs of England within the re-founded British Union. 
As the British Parliament would pledge allegiance to the British People, so would the English Parliament pledge allegiance to the English People.

The members of the English Parliament will not swear an oath of allegiance to a private family member.

Written by D. Alexander

Friday, 18 September 2015

The Luciferian Agenda of the Illuminati

What is the Luciferian Agenda?
The agenda of the Illuminati began in Italy and its original plan is written in Italian. It is based on the idea of a world order that would go in cycles, repeating itself, with a beginning and an end. When the end comes, it would start off again from the beginning.  

The Luciferian agenda would always start with luxury, and so the cycle that preceded it would always end with the quest for luxury.
There is no illumination from High, no spiritual inspiration, but only a human desire to serve a dull, materialist creed that worships the Prince of Darkness.  The objective of this creed is to pose as the only light and to oppose and make fail all spiritual illumination from the High City.

Luciferian Opposition to the Holy Spirit
The Adversary hates the Spiritual Mother of every Nation. The aim of the Illuminati is to destroy the national sovereignty of each nation and oppose the foundations of every national Church. All countries on Earth would be subdued to one world religion proclaiming to be light, and this religion would coincide with the agenda of the new world order. It does not tolerate any national Church, as no nation would be allowed to seek Communion directly with the Throne of God by way of Jesus our King and Saviour. The Holy Scriptures would be banned from the Altar of each nation.

The Illuminati seek the loyalty of selected elites in return for the promise of luxury. People seeking to maintain a privileged life may decide to forsake the Saviour Jesus and turn to the Prince of the Dark. They may also aim to maintain titles of privilege. In return they help impose the Luciferian agenda from within their positions of power.

Spiritual Love and Thanksgiving are ridiculed, and soul-destruction and slavery are considered the ways to achieve this. Moral codes are replaced with a code of immoral conduct. War is considered essential in order to create the new world order, and so any attempt to achieve economic prosperity through peaceful means and spiritual love is sabotaged.    

The Day and the Hour
Only the Father knows the time of the coming Reign of Christ, and so His promise to introduce a Thousand Year Reign governed by His Son Jesus is aligned to a period in time of which the day and the hour are unknown to Mankind.

The Illuminati are working to thwart the time that introduces Christ’s Reign in an attempt to stop the future from unfolding. In the Luciferian plan, a repetitive time loop would hold humanity in a static limbo where one and the same cycle repeats itself over and again.

Earthly luxury is the one scope that people would live for, held as if like a carrot on a stick that people run after. Whenever the circular timespan came to an end, it would start anew in the same original place and time with the same presentation of nothing other than earthly luxury.

This is because the Prince of Darkness cannot offer spiritual Prosperity or any form of spiritual Creation, hence his followers rely on the idea of usurping God’s Earthly Creation and opposing the Spirit that comes from High. And how else would they offer a reward or any form of hope if not by promising and offering earthly material luxury?

As we can see, spiritual Love for the Father and for our Saviour is that which the Illuminati seek to keep out, as when trying to shut the sun out by placing a dark board in front of a window. Their works are exposed in the real light, and so they would attempt to keep this Light out and replace it - within the darkness - with their own artificial light, one that illuminates only what they wish people to see and to know, a light that obscures in the shadows whatever they wish to keep hidden.  

The Illuminati, which is an Italian word meaning illuminated, will try to make believe that God the Father of the Old Testament is not the Father of the New Testament. They will try to disconnect the New Testament from the prophecies of the Old that herald the coming of our Saviour Jesus. They will try to sow a seed of belief that the Old Testament is evil, and that the New is not valid.

We may not know the day and the hour when the Illuminati attempt to drive home a decisive act to introduce the Luciferian new world order, because our Mother In High Britannia, who is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity and the Chosen Lady, has the Power to thwart the Illuminati agenda before it ever takes place.

She is our Mother Invicta, the One who stands next to the Holy Father and whose road leads to Christ’s Church.
Jesus is our Saviour and the gateway to the Father, therefore he has a Church where people can assemble and hear the Word in Communion.

The Luciferian agenda is destined to fail because our Mother In High commands the Light Tower Church that illuminates the sea.

Her command is that people must love the words that the priests speak of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures.

Written by D. Alexander

In Hoc Signo Vinces

Thursday, 6 August 2015

In Hoc Signo Vinces

The Fair Lady Britannia is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.
She stands next to God the Father and Her road leads to Christ’s Church.
Jesus is our Saviour and the Gateway to the Father.
Britannia is our Spiritual Mother.

Hail Britannia.

Written by D. Alexander

Britannia’s Light Tower Church

Britannia Empress of Caesarea by the Sea

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Britannia Empress of Caesarea by the Sea

Our Fair Lady Britannia inherited the Roman Empire.
Part 2
The Spirit Comes to the Roman Empire
The promise that Jesus made at Capernaum in Galilee after he had spoken with the Roman officer came true. Jesus had indicated a road from the East to the West along which people from many nations will walk to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the road leading to the Church where the Sermon is spoken in order to impart the words of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures. He is the Gateway to the Father, and the Spirit from Heaven comes through the preaching of his name. To be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, people from any nation must pass through the Gateway, who is Christ our Saviour.
Matthew 8:11
I assure you that many will come from the east and the west and sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at the feast in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Church among the Nations that is open to all peoples of the world (Gentiles) was founded at Caesarea by the Sea in the land of Judea in the time of Saint Peter, who was present on that day.

The Empress of Caesarea by the Sea
The basic rule of the Fair Lady is: one should not believe everything the priests say; people must love the words that the priests speak of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures.
She teaches these words because they are the key to spiritual baptism and are Her perfect summary of how the Church was founded in Caesarea by the Sea.

Let us look at the Fair Lady’s doctrine and be sure to understand its meaning. She is saying that all people within the Church – meaning assembly of those present at the Sermon – must love the words which the Prophets wrote about the future coming of the Saviour and the words which the Evangelists later wrote about the actual advent and work of Jesus, his Sacrifice and his Resurrection.    

She requires therefore that those who speak the Sermon to the gathered assembly speak of our Saviour as he is presented in the Holy Scriptures.
This is essential in order that the Spirit may come.
She does not require that anyone on entering the Church or during the Sermon preach a formula, make a gesture such as a sign of the cross, or perform any symbolic but meaningless practice.

Only by preaching the Word of Jesus can the speaker of the Sermon instil love for our Saviour and thus open the way for the Spirit.
There is no other way of baptism or communion that can bring the Spirit, whether with water or by way of a formula or through a movement of the hand.

Baptism in the Spirit comes through communion with Jesus Christ who is the Gateway to the Father. This is made possible through love for God’s Son as is written of him in the Holy Scriptures. The duty of the speaker at the Sermon is to speak, not perform. Therefore, no ritual may be carried out that is intended to bring about a spiritual presence. The speaker is not in the place of the Father or of the Son and is not the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.
It must not be said: “this is the Spirit which I am giving you”, or “make such and such a sign in order to receive spiritual presence”.

We will see that the Fair Lady’s basic rule: people must love the words that the priests speak of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures, is the perfect key to understanding the Baptism that founded the Church among the Gentiles, meaning people who are not Jews.    

The Baptism of Caesarea by the Sea
A Roman officer named Cornelius was stationed at Caesarea by the Sea in Judea. The town was dedicated to the Roman Emperor and its port offered a natural safe haven for ships.

Cornelius believed in God and offered prayers regularly. The New Testament states that he and all his family were Gentiles, but does not specify whether his faith was influenced by the books of the prophets the Jews believed in or whether he more generally believed in one God of all nations.

One day an angel appeared in the house of Cornelius and declared that God had noted his faith and was ready to answer his prayers. The angel told him to send for a man named Simon Peter who was staying at Joppa (Jaffa) and ask him to come and speak. This is the man we know as the Apostle Peter in the New Testament.
Whatever Simon Peter had to say would be God’s answer to Cornelius
The angel also indicated the location where he could be found.
Acts of the Apostles 10:6
He is a guest in the home of a tanner of leather named Simon, who lives by the sea.

Three men chosen by the Roman officer made their way to Joppa. The following day around noon, as they were approaching the house where they had been sent to, Simon Peter was intent on praying to the Lord.
At that moment he had a vision, in which he saw what he perceived to be unclean creatures being lowered from Heaven in a net.
A Voice spoke unto Peter, who responded that he would not defile himself with that which is considered unclean in the Law of Moses.
But the Voice said:   
Acts of the Apostles 10:15
Do not consider anything unclean that God has declared clean.

As Peter was pondering over the meaning of this, the three men from Caesarea called from the gate asking for Simon Peter. The Spirit spoke again, telling him to descend and go to meet the visitors and accompany them. Peter obeyed, and the messengers told him that they had come from the house of Cornelius who resided at Caesarea by the Sea.
Acts of the Apostles 10:22
An angel of God told him to invite you to his house, so that he could hear what you have to say.

The next day, Peter and the three men set out on the journey to the home of the Roman officer, and with him went also several other followers of Christ from the community of Joppa. When they arrived on the following day at the house of Cornelius, they found he had also invited a number of relatives and close friends, who were now all gathered in order to hear what Peter had to tell them.
Cornelius, after greeting him, said:
Acts of the Apostles 10:33
Now we are all here in the presence of God, waiting to hear anything that the Lord has instructed you to say.

Until this time, only Jews had converted to the Christian Faith, but the people gathered in front of Peter on that day were all Gentiles.
The Apostle Peter did not commence by baptising them with water, nor did he make any movement of the hands that could indicate a sign of the Holy Spirit coming from Heaven. He simply started to talk to them about God’s purpose and the advent of Jesus Son of God.
Acts of the Apostles 10:34-35
I now realise that it is true that God treats everyone on the same basis.
Those who worship him and do what is right are acceptable to him, no matter what people (ethnicity) they belong to.

The Apostle spoke on, proclaiming the mission of Jesus for the Redemption of mankind, his Sacrifice, his Resurrection, and how the prophets of the Old Testament had heralded his coming.
He was still speaking of Jesus when the Spirit from Heaven came of its own accord and settled on the people in the house who were listening.
Acts of the Apostles 10:44
While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit came down on all those who were listening to his message.

This indeed is the basic rule in the Sermon of the Church as upheld by the Fair Lady:
People must love the words which the priests speak of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures.
There are no rituals, no ritualistic phrases, no signs of the hand, and no baptisms in water that can illuminate people. Only the preaching of the Word of the Lord and its acceptance by those listening within the gathered assembly is required in order for the Spirit to come of its own will, in its own time and of its own measure.

Even the Apostle Peter and his companions were astounded to see that these people who hitherto had received no instruction of the Gospel of Christ, and had not studied the prophets who had spoken of his coming, were now accepted by God solely through listening to the Sermon and believing.
Acts of the Apostles 10:45-46
The Jewish believers who had come from Joppa with Peter were amazed that God had poured out his gift of the Holy Spirit on the Gentiles also, for they heard them speaking in different languages and praising God’s greatness.

This came about in Caesarea by the Sea in fulfilment of the promise Jesus had made at Capernaum in Galilee concerning the Church among the nations:
Matthew 8:11
I assure you that many will come from the east and the west and sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at the feast in the Kingdom of Heaven.

When did the Roman Empire Receive the Baptism in Caesarea?
The Church among all the peoples of the world that was conceived within the Spirit in the imperial port of Caesarea was founded no later than the reign of Claudius, who was emperor until the year 54 AD. This detail is made evident in the Book of Acts, where reference is made after the events of Caesarea to a severe famine that was to take place during the time of Claudius. Of this famine it is written:
Acts of the Apostles 11:28
It came when Claudius was emperor.
We know then that by the year 54 AD, the advent of the Spirit that opened the way for the Church among all nations had already been made manifest at Caesarea.

The Book of Acts further informs us that King Herod Agrippa I started persecuting some of the believers in Christ in a period following the Baptism of Caesarea by the Sea. As King Herod died in the year 44, we can be sure that the Baptism of the Nations came about no later than the year 44 AD.
It corresponded with the period when Britain became a part of the Roman Empire during the reign of the Emperor Claudius in the year 43 AD. 

The institution of the Roman Empire was essential in God’s purpose for the coming of the Church. The Fair Lady Britannia, whose Light Tower Church stands over the Sea, upholds the Sermon as according to the Baptism in the Spirit of Caesarea by the Sea. 
One should not believe everything the priests say.
People must love the words that the priests speak of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures.

Cornelius and his companions received the Spirit from Heaven solely because they listened to what Simon Peter had to say about Jesus and because they believed.

There was no other requirement.

Written by D. Alexander

Part 1

Britannia’s Light Tower Church

Britannia’s Light Tower Church

Our Fair Lady Britannia inherited the Roman Empire.
Part 1
The Foundation of the Church among all Nations
Revelation of the founding of the Church among all peoples on Earth comes through our Mother in High whose Church on the hill commands the Roman light tower.

In Capernaum in Galilee, Jesus declared his intention to go to a household consisting of people who were not Jews and bring the Spirit unto them. This was the founding promise heralding the coming of the Church among all peoples on Earth.

A Roman officer who lived in Capernaum had heard that Jesus, having healed many among the Jews, was preaching in the Name of God and had the power to give the Spirit. He asked Jesus to save his severely ill servant who was on the point of death even though they were not Jews, for he believed that the Lord’s Grace might be given also unto people of other nations.

Galilee of the Nations
In the Old Testament, it is written that the Lord would allow Galilee to be inhabited not only by members of the tribes of Israel, but also by folk of other origins.
He intended to send His Son to Galilee to be a Light to the nations.

In Isaiah 9:2 it is written:
The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.
This may be in reference to people practicing pagan beliefs to whom God had still not revealed His Word.

And in Isaiah 9:1 it is written:
The lands of Zebulun and Naphtali (which are part of Galilee) were once humbled, but later the Lord will honour Galilee of the nations (Gentiles), by the sea beyond the Jordan.

Clearly, Isaiah’s prophecy in 9:1-2 announces a great event that would become manifest to the nations in Galilee, to people who knew not the Word of God but relied on pagan beliefs.

When the centurion requested of Jesus the healing Spirit for his servant, the Saviour laid the foundation for the Lord’s Word in Isaiah 9:1-2 to be fulfilled.
He said to the centurion:
Matthew 8:7 I will go and make him well.

But the Roman officer asked Jesus to heal his servant from the distance, stating that he did not deserve to receive Jesus within his own house.
And he made a comparison which he believed would honour Jesus as a messenger of God. He stated that he himself was a man under authority of superiors, but had authority over the soldiers under his command:
Matthew 8:9
I order this one to go, and he goes, and I order that one to come, and he comes.   

By way of this comparison, he recognised that Jesus was sent by God’s Authority but also had authority of his own over the Spirit. Therefore, if he wanted, he could command and the Spirit would go and heal the servant.
He was in fact stating that the Spirit comes from God through Jesus.

The Saviour was surprised at this man’s faith, and promptly healed his servant from where he stood, at a distance, without going directly to the centurion’s house.  
He then said to those following him:
Matthew 8:10
I tell you, I have never found anyone in Israel with faith like this.

And our Saviour announced at that hour that multitudes among the nations (Gentiles, meaning people who are not Jews) would come to the Reign of God and sit at the table of the Lord and dine:
Matthew 8:11-12
I assure you that many will come from the east and the west and sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at the feast in the Kingdom of Heaven.
But those who should be in the Kingdom will be thrown out into the darkness.

With these words, Jesus announced in Galilee the coming foundation of the Church among all the nations. The institution of the Roman Empire was not coincidental, but intentional in the Lord’s purpose to establish the Christian Faith among all peoples in the world.

Written by D. Alexander

Part 2
Britannia Empress of Caesarea by the Sea

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The English Faith

The Fair Lady of the British Isles teaches that the Spirit comes from High and is Divine.

When entering the Church, It is important not to make any symbolic gesture, such as the sign of the cross, because the Spirit does not come unto a person through a sign made by human hand. No human can command the Spirit.

The Fair Lady teaches that people should love the words that the priests speak of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures. This rule applies to speakers of the Sermon in general.

People must enter the Church with a desire to a pure mind, and so they must put aside any glorification of war.
The Sermon is the speaking of the Word of Christ our Saviour, so while listening we must set aside anything that is contrary to the Reign of God.

No symbolic “holy communion” is admissible within the Church, and this is because no human can command the Spirit. There is absolutely no symbolic or ritualistic form of communion or blessing that a human can perform which brings the Spirit upon a person.

Everyone within the Church, including those who read the Sermon, is a brother or a sister. No-one represents the Father.

Only the desire to receive the Spirit and to be pure at heart may bring about God’s blessing.
In the English Church, no human can say: “this IS the Spirit which I am giving you”. No brother or sister can take the place of the Father or of His Son our Saviour.   

The spiritual blessing from High will come of its own free will and within its own time and measure. It is important to cherish this Love from High and not to depart from it.

To pray in communion within the Church assembly is a way to request the Spirit, such as in thanksgiving for God’s Love that we have received and in asking for His continued Love to come.

Our Fair Lady of the British Isles shows us the way leading to Christ's Church because there is no other gateway to the Father. Only the Saviour is the Gateway.

Written by D. Alexander

Monday, 9 March 2015

Origins of British Party

British Party was founded in 2011 as a depository for fundamental economic policies that were written in autumn 2009 in Eastern Dover, Kent.

Together with the writings that have been added in Western Dover since 2010, these policies are original.

British Party is not a political organisation.

It is a presentation relating to the management of the common household intended as our Country. When the house is managed well, all the members can partake in Prosperity as at a feast.    

Written by D. Alexander

British Party