Sunday, 28 September 2014

Is the UK Government Trying to Infect Us with Ebola?

The Rapid Spread of Ebola in West Africa
The Ebola virus is spreading with alarming speed in three West African countries, and reports claim that by the end of the year 2014, as many as 1.4 million people could have become infected in the region.

The national health services in the affected countries, which are Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, have reached breaking point, with clinics unable to treat the increasing number of people arriving with Ebola, or indeed with other ailments, and with hundreds of medical staff already dead after having contracted Ebola from the patients.

African Migrants Spreading all over Western Europe
Hundreds of thousands of Africans are entering Europe illegally each year, mainly through southern Italy, southern Spain and Greece.
Those coming from West Africa mainly enter through the Spanish enclaves in North Africa (Ceuta and Melilla). The migrants landing in Italy arrive after crossing the Mediterranean from starting points in Libya.

Once in Europe, whether entering through Greece, Italy or Spain, all migrants can claim asylum. They have leave to stay until their asylum case has been processed, which normally results in acceptance of their demand for asylum and takes around one year.

Once granted asylum, they are free to move anywhere within the European Union with the right to make a further asylum claim in any country of their choice, and in return receive free housing and a weekly welfare cheque. At this point, they can legally bring their whole extended family over, to be cared for free of any charge by the host country, with free housing and all social benefits, and a weekly cheque for every family member. They are exempt from finding work.      

African and Asian Migrants Stowed in Lorries Entering the UK
An increasingly large number of African and Asian migrants who have entered Europe and availed of European Union asylum, then head to the French port of Calais in an attempt to seek a second grant of asylum in Britain after reaching the Port of Dover. Many of these come from Africa, and their collective aim is to seek free accommodation for life in Britain and receive the life-long benefit cheque that will grant them perpetual assurance of a guaranteed income in return for doing absolutely nothing, apart from turning up on our shores.

Once they arrive in Britain after having entered the trailer of a lorry and concealed their presence, they then claim asylum and are immediately housed in a hotel at State expense, usually in London where hotel accommodation costs at least three times more than in other parts of Britain. They are immediately given money, and are free to go wherever they will while their asylum request is being processed.
This may take even years.

So Is the UK Government Doing Its Best to Infect Us with Ebola?
Considering that every day tens of thousands of lorries enter Britain without undergoing any form of border control owing to European Union open border policies, and considering also that the UK Government flatly refuses to introduce any border control on lorries entering the United Kingdom, the answer is yes. The British Government is definitely intent on wilfully exposing us to the Ebola virus, to which there is no known cure.

How Could Britain Protect Itself From an Ebola Outbreak?
To answer this question, we must first wait till the Government has wilfully allowed Ebola to enter our Country, then we will find an answer. 
But it will be too late then.

Written by D. Alexander

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