Thursday, 6 March 2014

Crimea Is Now Part of Russia

On Thursday 6th March 2014, the Crimean Parliament voted in favour of Crimea becoming a part of Russia. The decree is with immediate effect, meaning that Ukraine has no jurisdiction within Crimean territory.

The Crimean Parliament also decreed that on 16th March 2014 a referendum shall be held in Crimea on the issue, and that this will serve to ratify the decision already taken by the Crimean Parliament.

Thursday, the Day Crimea Returned to Russia
Thursday 6th March 2014 is the day Crimea’s Parliament democratically voted to end Ukrainian rule over Crimean territory, so on 16th March the People of Crimea will be voting on Russian soil to ratify their Parliament’s decree. They will be asked whether they want their land to remain Russian soil, or to become Ukrainian.

Written by D. Alexander

On 16th March 2014, well over 80% of the population of Crimea turned out to vote in the referendum, and 96% of the voters chose Russia as their Motherland, voting for the reunification of Crimea with Russia.
Within days the Russian Parliament welcomed back Crimea to Russia.

Britain and Russia are Allied Nations. Our Christian Faith is essential in the Alliance between our British Motherland and the Russian Motherland.
No-one can break these ties! 

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