Tuesday, 22 January 2013

David Cameron Promises EU In/Out Referendum

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that the Conservative Party, if elected again into government, will hold an in/out referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union.

Sky News reports on 23rd of January 2013 that before the next General Election, the Prime Minister will ask the British electorate for a mandate to negotiate new terms with the European Union, and once an agreement is achieved, to hold a referendum.

According to Sky News, David Cameron said: “And when we have negotiated that new settlement, we will give the British people a referendum with a very simple in or out choice to stay in the EU on these new terms; or come out altogether. It will be an in-out referendum.”

However, of utmost importance is the following part of the statement, as reported in Sky News: “The Prime Minister will say legislation for a referendum will be drafted before the next election.”

Currently, there are hundreds of millions of people who have the right to come and settle in the UK, and many have made use of this EU regulation to move here. In particular millions of Eastern Europeans have chosen to move to Britain to find work, yet with an estimated 64 million people, our Country cannot afford to offer millions of jobs to foreign nationals, or cater for their families.

Australia is 25 times larger than Britain but has a population less than one third of the United Kingdom; yet Australia has strict immigration laws to prevent mass immigration. Clearly the Conservative Party, of whom David Cameron is the leader, has realised that European immigration laws would mean the ultimate downfall of our Country if we did not challenge these insane regulations and leave the European Union altogether.

However, Britain could have left the European Union some years ago in return for Prosperity, and the Government is clearly prolonging the agony and making Britain remain in the European Union for years to come, preventing Prosperity, with the intention of remaining in Parliament till May 2015.
From May 2010, that is five years of prolonged agony.
Five years in which the Government rejects all Prosperity and imposes Austerity.

British Party campaigns for Britain to leave the EU NOW, not tomorrow, next year, in 2016, 2017 or 2018.

Written by D. Alexander

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