Saturday, 18 October 2014

An Ebola Scenario UK

Did that man have Ebola? He was coughing and sneezing.
He Might Have Contracted Ebola
Let's suppose a large group of Africans walk out of a seaside hotel where they have just been placed after landing on our Shores and claiming asylum.
In our proposed case here, they are angrily complaining that the food is "no good" (it really did happen a few weeks ago in Folkestone just down the road from my home-town in Kent), and then one of them coughs and sneezes just as a person walks past.

Our man here is hit in the face with a myriad of microbes but walks on. Two days later he suffers a headache and detects a sore throat. Fearful he may have been infected, he phones NHS111.

The NHS Conducts Screening of the Patient
The NHS asks a series of pointless questions, such as "was the man who sneezed from an Ebola infected country?" Of-course the potential patient does not know. But he has wife and children at home, he visits his mum and dad occasionally and also communicates with colleagues at work.
He's just terrified he might have Ebola and could infect all and sundry around him, and possibly see his loved ones dying before his eyes.
A SWAT team arrives and takes his blood samples, packs them carefully and sends them on to the laboratory in Porton Down near Salisbury where the UK does all its testing for Ebola. After a further seven hours, when a phone call comes from Salisbury announcing the "all-clear", the man has already died a thousand deaths through sheer anxiety.

This is probably going to happen to hundreds of thousands of people if Ebola enters Britain.
Written by D. Alexander

What will happen when Ebola hits the UK?

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