Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Ebola Time Bomb Coming to Britain

Probability of 50% that Ebola Hits UK in October 2014
Experts now predict a 50% probability that the Ebola virus will reach Britain during 2014. Following the same prediction model, they calculate a 75% probability of the deadly virus hitting Europe by the end of October 2014.
Here is the link to this latest information as presented on EWN Eyewitness News:

Are the Authorities Lying to Us on Ebola?
Officially, the number of people who have been infected with the Ebola virus has surpassed the 7,000 mark as of beginning of October 2014. However, even six weeks ago, estimates suggested the number of people then infected with Ebola may have reached 12,000. It is not a secret that in western Africa, numerous victims of the disease have remained undiagnosed, and that many of these have since died   

Considering that the infection rate, according to official estimates, has been doubling every 20 days, it could be that already tens of thousands have contracted the Ebola virus. There have been cases of workers who were sent to collect bodies being killed by villagers in west Africa, which leads us to believe that the authorities in some western African countries have no overall view of the spread of the virus, as the health workers are in fear of being attacked and killed.

We may legitimately ask whether the British Government is indulging in giving out considerably lower figures for the epidemic, so as to make us believe that the outbreak is significantly less serious than it actually is. The reason being, that if people knew that the Ebola virus is totally out of control and spreading at an alarming rate in various African countries, the masses would demand an immediate ban on all immigration and on all travel, both legal and illegal, from the African continent.

The Bolshevik Establishment Must Lie to Exist
As is common to an undemocratic, Bolshevik governing establishment, lying to the People is the norm. Scandals are covered up with the same speed and ease as hot-scones are distributed at a fair. And the prospect of us being infected with a deadly virus in the name of a globalist, corporate economic system, is a price they consider well worth paying in return for maintaining their insane grip over the world.

But we may be one hundred percent sure that Ebola will not be allowed to enter Buckingham Palace, or any other palace, castle or estate belonging to the privileged and wealthy who dominate our Country.  

Written by D. Alexander

Ebola Is Airborne

Update: Ebola Has Hit Spain
The virus has been contracted in Spain by a nurse who had been among those treating a patient who later died of Ebola. A report from the BBC:

Update: Ebola Is spreading in Texas
While the USA has initiated screening at airports for passengers arriving from countries where Ebola has been raging, the virus is already spreading in Texas.
A nurse who had used a standard protective outfit to treat a patient with Ebola in a Texas clinic has contracted the virus, notwithstanding the protective gear used by the medical staff. The case is similar to that of a nurse in Spain who contracted the virus while treating an Ebola patient and wearing standard anti-virus protective clothing.

When Is Ebola Going to Hit Britain?

Is the UK Government Trying to Infect Us with Ebola?

Ebola may soon Hit Northern Africa

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