Sunday, 5 October 2014

Migrating Birds, Banksy and an Essex Council

Migrating Birds in Essex
So, this is about migrating birds. They are African birds, migrate from Africa to Europe and Britain, work hard to build a nest, lay their eggs, work hard to feed their young, bring them up, and then within the year the whole family returns to Africa.
You could also put the same situation this way: they are actually British and European birds that do all the above, then migrate to Africa to spend winter in the sun, and then return home to make a family life.
Either way, they do not get a free council nest, a welfare cheque and every other benefit from other birds, either In Britain-Europe, or in Africa.
Just imagine the realm of birds was ruled by LibLabCon: the sparrows swamped the swallows' nests, the hard-working swallows worked hard to feed the sparrows, while these sat there and said: CHEAP. 
Yes, it would be very cheap.

Written by D. Alexander

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