Friday, 3 October 2014

When Is Ebola Going to Hit Britain?

Ebola May Reach Britain Anytime
Since my previous article on Ebola, the virus has entered the United States of America. It was most likely introduced by a Liberian citizen who knew he had the virus and intentionally gave wrong information in order to embark on an aeroplane to the USA.
The following Sky News article gives a brief account:
We need to ask the question: when is someone going to arrive in Britain infected with the Ebola virus and spread it among us before the infiltration of the virus is detected?

No Border Controls
It is a known fact that heavy goods vehicles enter Britain without undergoing any border control. Also known is that illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia are waiting in their tens of thousands inside France to assail lorries headed for the UK and hide inside a trailer until they reach Britain’s shores.

Once here, they know they will be accommodated in a hotel at State expense from day one and can claim asylum, a process that may take years. They know they will be housed at the State’s expense for all this period, and that a whole legal process involving lawyers paid for by the British State will ensure that they can make an appeal should their asylum request be turned down.

The Government Is Committing Treachery
The UK Government is responsible for betraying the British People on many counts. Their wilful act of exposing Britain to the Ebola virus by knowingly not imposing border controls on every person and every vehicle entering our Country - to the point that thousands of illegal migrants can enter Britain inside lorries that are not subject to any check, goes beyond wilful negligence. It is Treason!

Written by D. Alexander

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