Friday, 28 October 2011

David Cameron Challenges the EU

The Prime Minister David Cameron is set to defend the City from European Law.

The Eurozone Attempts to Paralyse Britain's Financial Nerve Centre
Sky News has reported on 28 October 2011 that "the Prime Minister David Cameron has said London's financial sector is under assault from European Union rules and regulations."

The Prime Minister has warned that the 17 eurozone nations are doing a lot of things together, that they are having meetings alone and are establishing common machinery indicating economic integration, and asks whether this is leading to caucusing within the EU, with the ultimate aim of the 17 eurozone countries ganging up on Britain's centre of financial services.

Dave to Fight for Britain
This latest drift in events will certainly do a lot to salvage the PM's public image after his recent debacle in Parliament, where the eurosceptics put up a staunch resistance on 24 October 2011 by voting in favour of a referendum on the EU despite a three-line party whip to vote against it.

If the Prime Minister's latest move on the chess board is deciphered rightly, David Cameron has realised that, as far as the British public opinion is concerned, he either stays with the EU and goes, or he fights the EU and stays on.

So if the “block of 17” has decided to paralyse the City in order to knock Britain out financially, then the Prime Minister has chosen the most appropriate battle cry to redeem himself in the public eye.

Article written by D. Alexander

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Celtic Britannia: Eurozone Debt Rescue Deal

Celtic Britannia: Eurozone Debt Rescue Deal: Who controls the banks in Britain and most of Europe? A select committee of EU officials. The EU Controls the Banks A debt rescue deal anno...

Eurozone Debt Rescue Deal

Who controls the banks in Britain and most of Europe? A select committee of EU officials.

The EU Controls the Banks
A debt rescue deal announced in Brussels on 27 October 2011 reveals that the European Union can make decisions over the savings of hundreds of millions of people in Britain and Europe, effectively writing off 50 billion euro of people's investments in banks.

According to Sky News 27 October 2011, the German chancellor and French president “insisted that the (banking) sector had got off relatively lightly in the crisis so far, with taxpayers bearing the brunt of bailouts.”

The idea that the leaders of EU member states and EU officials can decide to take enormous sums of taxpayers' money and people's savings, and pump it into the broken economies of many eurozone countries in need of a financial bailout, is proof that the European Union controls the banks and even the taxpayers' money to whichever extent they choose.

According to Sky News, officials in Brussels said, after the emergency summit to address the financial crisis in the eurozone countries, “an accord had been reached with banks on a 50% write-off of 100bn euro of Greek debt.”

The BBC reported the following decree made in Brussels on 27 October 2011:
  • Banks holding Greek debt would accept a 50% loss
  • A mechanism to boost the eurozone's main bailout fund to about 1tn euros (£880bn; $1.4tn)
  • Banks must also raise more capital to protect them against losses resulting from any future government defaults
The framework for the additional 1 trillion euro in the bailout fund (European Financial Stability Facility) is to be put in place in November 2011, and will undoubtedly consist in the printing of an enormous quantity of money so as to fix the EU economy.

Fixed Economy and Communist Dictatorship
The decision to wipe 50 billion euro of owed money from the accounts of western banks, and to print 1 trillion euro to finance future bailouts, could easily lead to unsustainable fixed economies in the European Union falling into the spiral of inflation that hit Germany in 1921, when paper money with no economic guarantee was printed in large amounts.

The idea of fair trade and commerce and accountability for public spending has no place in the EU economic system, which effectively makes it into a failed communist system by definition.

The banks are the pillar that sustain modern free trade and commerce. With enormous amounts of their money being taken away by decree of a governing body run by state leaders and officials, the banks risk falling into sheer bankruptcy. This would lead to the whole private sector becoming bankrupt, as the money that is in the banks does in fact belong to the people, firms and companies that have invested their savings in the banks.

Communist Super-Commissioner
The EU crisis summit has established the introduction of a new office, that of super-commissioner, who would make almighty-like decisions on the euro and confer extra powers on the EU Economic Commissioner, effectively centralising economic power in the hands of two persons.

This revised dictatorial structure will overrule the decision-making mechanism of the wider European Union, and this, according to BBC, brings with it “the implication that the eurozone will more closely resemble a super-state.”

With regards to the decision obliging the banks to raise more capital to protect them against losses resulting from any future government defaults, the BBC reports that the banks “will now be required to raise about 106 billion euros in new capital by June 2012, and governments may have to step in, despite the unpopularity of further bank bail-outs.”

EU Communist Contradiction in Accountability
The decision to force the banks to raise 106 billion euros in new capital by the middle of 2012 contradicts all logic, as the same EU body that gave this order has just cancelled from their accounts 50 billion euro that the Greek treasury owes them.
The report of the BBC clearly states that this could lead to governments having to step in to bail out the banks once they go into bankruptcy due to the new EU decree of 27 October.

There is no way the battered free market of Britain and Western Europe can survive this interference in the banking system, and together with democracy and sovereignty, free trade and commerce will fall to the governing body of a Communist dictatorship that is intent on destroying freedom and fair trade through the imposing of sheer bankruptcy in order to create a European super-state.

Article written by D. Alexander.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Britain and the EU Referendum

The Coalition Government Refuses a Referendum on the EU
Calls for Referendum on the EU
Many people in Britain are asking for an EU referendum, and opinion polls show that the number of people who would vote for Britain leaving the European Union is a lot higher than those who would vote in favour of staying in. A Sky News opinion poll on 24 October 2011 shows that 84% of people believe that it is time for a referendum on the EU.
This is in stark contrast with the stance taken by the majority of the British Parliament, which on 24 October 2011 voted overwhelmingly against a referendum, with 483 votes contrary to a referendum and 111 votes in favour. The Commons debate was in response to a petition signed by more than 100,000 people asking for a referendum on the EU.
David Cameron and the EU
The British Prime Minister has claimed on a number of occasions to be open to debate on British membership of the European Union, while at the same time suffocating any debate on the issue.
Mr. Cameron has been dedicating full support to EU expansion, as can be seen in a joint declaration which he released on 7 June 2011 together with Romania's President Traian Basescu: “We have agreed today on a programme of joint work between our two countries to promote economic growth in the European Union, to enlarge it to the Western Balkans, Turkey and the Republic of Moldova...”
Leading up to the vote in Parliament whether to have a referendum - the vote is due on the 24 October 2011 - David Cameron said: “I think this is the right time to sort out Europe's problems, sort out the Eurozone problem, defend your national interest and look to the opportunities in the future to repatriate powers back to Britain.”
Britain Solving Europe's Problems
According to the British Prime Minister David Cameron, the calls for a democratic vote concerning Britain's future should not be taken into account. He would rather sacrifice British democracy and prosperity in order to sort out Europe's problems and the problems of the Eurozone, of which Britain is not a member. He intends doing this by sacrificing British sovereignty and using massive amounts of the taxpayers' money, while the British people at home are forced into ever greater poverty.
At the same time, Mr. Cameron is involved in expanding the EU to eight more countries: Moldova, Turkey and six countries in the western Balkans. It seems that the Prime Minister is irrevocably dedicated to a great European state and is prepared to bleed Britain to death in order to achieve his aim.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Christ's Church Revealed

The Church of our Fair Lady in Dover reveals Christ's Church following the sun.

The Church on the White Cliffs
On the White Cliffs of Dover next to the castle stands the church and lighthouse dedicated to Saint Mary. During the Middle Ages, the Roman light tower became an integral part of the church, and was used as the bell tower.
The church is officially considered to be of Anglo-Saxon construction, but there is strong evidence indicating it was built by the Celtic Britons around the fourth century.

The Secret of Christ's Church Revealed
The church, overlooking the sea, is situated along the East-West line of the sun, and is indicating a road. The sun rises over the sea to the East, and the line to the West passes through Dover. This is the exact position in which the church is situated, overlooking Dover from Eastern Heights.

Following this line westwards, we find that it leads to another church dedicated to Saint Mary, in Dover's town centre. This building too is situated along the same East-West line of the sun. When we follow this line further westwards, it leads to Folkestone Road, in Dover's western area. Walking a short way along Folkestone Road towards the West, we reach the ancient Priory dedicated to Saint Martin and Saint Mary, which is the third holy building with the Virgin's Name along this East-West line.

Exactly opposite this Priory, on the other side of Folkestone Road, there is a residential block of flats called Christ Church Court. On the site where these flats now stand, once stood Christ Church! It was demolished towards the end of the twentieth century, although in perfect condition.

The light tower church of Saint Mary in the Castle, on the White Cliffs of Dover, can be clearly seen from Christ Church Court and the Priory opposite.

The Foundations of Christ's Church
On these foundations of the Church dedicated to Jesus Christ, the House had to be rebuilt. It is of these foundations that the words were said, while the Fair Lady was present in the room: they rebuilt the House following the same plan. The same words were said twice.

Our Fair Lady Britannia, Mother of the British Isles. Lady of the Gospel.

Written by D. Alexander

Dover by the Sea, the Place of Christ's Corner Stone:

Photo 1: The Castle and Church seen from Western Heights, Dover.

Photo 2: The Church and Light Tower, Eastern Heights, Dover.

Photo 3: The Light Tower, Eastern Heights, Dover.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Union Flag and the Christian Faith

The true Constitution of the British Isles is based on the Christian Faith, which is the Faith of the Union Flag.

The Union Flag Flies for Christ
The Union Flag is Christian, bearing the three crosses of England, Scotland and Ireland. The flag of the Union does not renege the Christian Faith, and so the British Isles cannot renege Christ without reneging the national Flag of the Union.

The Crosses in the Union Flag
The three crosses in the Union Jack are the English cross of Saint George, the Scottish cross of Saint Andrew and the Irish cross of Saint Patrick.

The English Saint George cross and the Irish Saint Patrick cross are each on white background, conform with the national flag respectively of Saint George and Saint Patrick, and the blue background of the Union Jack is from the national flag of Scotland.

Faith in Christ and the Union Flag
There can be no meaningful allegiance to our national flag without faith in Jesus Christ and God the Father. To renege Christ is to renege our own Country and our national Emblem of the Union. Christ Jesus is our Emperor, the Church of Christ is represented in our national standard, and our Union Flag stands before God the Almighty Father.

The Church of our Fair Lady Britannia stands above the sea in the East-West line of the sun, and our Mother shows the way to Christ's Church.

D. Alexander

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Friday, 7 October 2011

British Prosperity

British Prosperity
Prosperity in Britain can only come from the City In High, and only sheer faith in Zion can bring this about. The Lady In High is adorned with the Twelve Star Crown.

Leftist Atheism, the EU and the Twelve False Stars
Leftist atheism has turned to the EU and its twelve false stars as the new leadership of many nations. The sign of the Beast is evident in the emblem of the EU, which has claimed for itself the Celestial Twelve Stars to which the Book of Revelation has given testimony. The Twelve Star Crown does not belong to the European Union, and the complete catastrophe that the EU has inflicted upon our Country is proof that leftist atheism leads to EU slavery and the downfall of our society.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Saint Mark the Evangelist

The successor to Saint Peter is Saint Mark the Evangelist.

St. Mark Evangelist Son of Peter
Saint Peter presented Mark to the Church as his son. Towards the end of the First Letter of Peter, 5: 13, it is written "Your sister church in Babylon, also chosen by God, sends you greetings, and so does my son Mark". The name and title Mark son of Peter indicates that he is Peter's favoured disciple and successor. Saint Mark, who is the first Evangelist, wrote the first version of the Gospel following Peter's testimony of the One Christ. In so doing, he became undisputed disciple of Peter, to whom Christ had given the Keys to the Realm of Heaven.

The Catholic Church Dishonouring Saint Mark Evangelist
The Catholic Church does not recognise Saint Mark the Evangelist as Peter's successor, claiming that the line of succession passes through the popes. Yet Saint Peter did not present any pope as his disciple, but openly proclaimed Mark. For how long will the Catholic Church continue claiming that Saint Peter's keys belong to the popes, while at the same time denying that Peter's chosen disciple, who is also author of the first version of the Gospel, is in reality the one to whom St. Peter gave testimony as his spiritual son and heir. 

Of-course, were the Catholic Church to recognise the error and admit that the linage of popes starting with Linus was a mistake from the start, then so too would the pope immediately cease to lay claim to St. Peter's keys. It would become evident to all that he and his predecessors never possessed these keys.

The Great Controversy
The controversy between the Church of Saint Peter and the Catholic Church should be decided in virtue of the truth contained within the Bible. The two letters of Saint Peter do not support the version upheld by the Catholic Church that the popes are his successors, but give credit to Saint Mark the Evangelist, author of the first written Gospel.

Nowhere is it written in the New Testament that St. Peter nominated Linus as his heir, but it is written that he chose St. Mark as his son. Linus is not mentioned at all in the New Testament as a pope, and in his own day most probably never claimed to be a pope either. It was only many centuries later that the Vatican referred to Linus as a pope, and as the direct heir to Simon Peter. In so doing, the Catholic Church has excluded the Evangelist Mark from the line of St. Peter and thereby entered into controversy with the Apostolic Church. Once this fact has been universally acknowledged among Christians, on that day the Catholic Church must certainly cease to be. 

The Gospel will prevail!

Written by D. Alexander

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The Messiah entered the Temple before the year 70 AD.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Come out of Babylon!

The European Union has tried to replace the High City and subdue many nations, but the EU will fall!

The Twelve Celestial Stars
In the Book of Revelation, it is written that the Twelve Celestial Stars are the Crown of a Lady In High. This Lady is of great importance to Christ's Church and to prosperity among nations.

The EU Claiming the Twelve Stars
The European Union has claimed the Twelve Stars, and in so doing has made an attempt to replace divine authority over many nations with an imposed authority of human origin. The twelve star emblem of the EU is nothing more and nothing less than an obnoxious sign of the Beast, whose authority has led to economic devastation and humiliation.

British Independence
Many people in Britain are asking for our Country to leave the EU, the hated European Union, and for a return to British independence. The battle cry for British independence is: come out of Babylon!

Our Fair Lady is Crowned with the Twelve Stars! Celtic Britannia!

Monday, 3 October 2011

A British Party for Prosperity

A British party is on track to bringing Prosperity to Britain.

Britain's Future Government
The idea that a British party can offer economic Prosperity is based on some indisputable principles, namely the imminent downfall of the European Union and the fact that this party has a programme designed to come into immediate effect to prevent economic chaos in Britain.

Imminent Downfall of the EU
The European Union is about to collapse, leaving 27 countries each with their own enormous sovereign debt. There is no country in the EU that has made any provision to cope with the vacuum left behind once the dream of a European superstate has fallen into complete ruins. But one party is ready. This is British Party! 
Britannia Prevail!

Economic Prosperity Coming to Britain:

Come out of Babylon:

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