Sunday, 7 September 2014

White Genocide in Britain

Well here is one example of what I consider potential genocide:
I live in Kent, which is known as the Garden of England. In my district (Dover District), the council's core strategy (still awaiting approval) envisages the building of over 14,000 more houses by 2026. Our district population is around 100,000, so this would imply migration to our area of tens of thousands of people within just 12 years from now.

We do have plenty of empty houses for sale and for rent, and even empty shops, so clearly there is no lack of accommodation for the local residents or for people who might wish to move here. Indeed this can be ascertained by simply looking at the available housing in the many estate agencies here.

My point of reasoning is as follows:
a significant increase in the population MUST require a proportionate increase in farming to supply food. However, the new homes would be built on farm and woodland, even on an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and on a Scheduled Ancient Monument area (Western Heights Napoleonic defences).

Meanwhile, the Government has designated the WHOLE of Dover District for fracking of shale gas AND shale oil, because the energy resources Britain currently relies upon are dwindling.

So, if some time in the future we had a worldwide - or regional - weather disaster, such as prolonged floods or drought, or volcanic ashes from Iceland causing a drastic drop in temperature (which researchers believed happened at some point in the Bronze Age), we could find ourselves with MANY more people living here due to mass migration policies to our area, and LESS farm and woodland to cater for our food requirements and to absorb torrential rains.

Add to this, that the 2010 election promise to introduce the Localism Bill that would enable BINDING referendums on important local issues, such as urban/rural development, was totally scrapped in November 2011 in the House of Lords.
So NO democratic vote on our future, on whether we actually WANT such a massive influx of migration to our area.

Yes, we could be faced with even mass destruction of our soil through mass-fracking for shale gas and shale oil. Yes we could die a collective death! 

Written by D. Alexander

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