Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Ebola May Soon Hit Northern Africa

North Africa at Risk of Ebola
Ebola has spread at an alarming rate within less than one year, passing from one person to tens of thousands of people. The highly contagious virus could soon reach northern Africa owing to migration towards Europe and Britain of large numbers of people seeking asylum. Asylum should be considered here as meaning emigration towards an easy, comfortable life where everything is paid for.  
The first case of the current outbreak of Ebola goes back to December 2013, starting with one person in Guinea in western Africa. Doctors did not diagnose the illness as Ebola, but instead thought it was another locally known virus. It spread to that person's family, and eventually to numerous people in the area around the village.
Only in March 2014 did the authorities discover it was a strand of Ebola.
The number of people who have been infected since then in that region of Africa – an area meanwhile spanning five countries – is thought to be in the tens of thousands, a lot more than the official 7,000. Most of these have died without having been diagnosed.
With an incubation period that can be between 2 and 21 days (this is an assumption that is not 100% proven), it is mathematically certain that sooner or later someone infected with the Ebola virus will turn up in Morocco trying to get to Spain, or in Libya with the intention of reaching southern Italy.
Open Door EU Policies even with Ebola about  
Britain's and - in general - the European Union's open door policy on asylum seekers, with guaranteed stay in a hotel, a council flat and the weekly welfare cheque while the asylum claim is being processed, is exposing Morocco, Libya, and all northern African countries to the Ebola virus.

In order to reach El Dorado and the asylum-seeking paradise, people will travel through these countries that geographically divide their own homelands from the West. When disaster strikes, the populations of northern Africa will not thank the insane Bolshevik leaders of the West once they do have Ebola spreading among them.

Written by D. Alexander

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