Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ethnic British Children Are Being Written off

An Ofsted report reveals that ethnically British children are being written off by the State. Sky News reports in an article dated 11 December 2013, that “progress in education by white children – particularly those from poor backgrounds – is slower than all other ethnic groups”.

The education body’s chief inspector is to officially announce that children of ethnic British origin are being written off far too often, and that many are reduced to poverty.
Sir Michael Wilshaw is set to announce that high expectations should be for all children and not just for particular ethnic groups.

Sky report: 

Writing off the Ethnic British People in Britain
The British State has dedicated enormous resources to accommodate mass immigration. Immigrants have been overtly privileged by being given free council houses and weekly welfare cheques as soon as they arrive in Britain, such as is the case with asylum seekers. Ethnically British people wait even 10 years or more to receive a council flat. Indeed, mass immigration came about at the expense of the British People who originally lived in Britain, and now we are being written off after having been reduced into poverty to pay for mass immigration.

We also pay £50 million a day to the European Union in the form of tributes to foreign powers. EU law overrides British Law, we are no longer a sovereign State. Within 30 years, we ethnic British may be a minority in our own Country, written off, and this after paying for everything and incurring a £1.4 trillion public debt too.

Families of different ethnic origin tend to have many more children than ethnic British families do, and so they receive a lot more money from the State such as in the form of child benefits and larger houses to live in.

Written by D. Alexander

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Nationalism and Socialism as Opposed to Exploitation

Part 3
Fair Trade

The values of nationalism and socialism in Britain should make clear that unfair exploitation of workers is unacceptable in British production and trading standards.

The criteria used by the Corporate Establishment to earn high and unreasonable profit margins are contrary to true British values. To give one example, platinum is sold worldwide at the same market price, and yet Australian platinum miners earn at least ten times more than their counterparts in South Africa. Platinum miners in this country may even earn $12 a day, working underground and breathing the dust they are drilling from the rocks. Clearly, in the case of South Africa, large amounts of profits are siphoned off into the stock exchange scene and do not remain in the economy of the country of production.

In Britain, we would not like to be treated in this way, but the Establishment, including the highly acclaimed “head of the Commonwealth”, of which South Africa is a member, will ignore such issues from their agenda.

Another example is the production of textiles in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia, where the workers earn perhaps a few dollars a day and the products are exported to Western countries. Almost the entire textile production in Britain – and the West in general – has been closed down and transferred abroad, so as to guarantee a greater income to the Trade Name and High Street Establishment.

As a result we have mass unemployment, and workers in other countries earn only a fraction of that which would have been the salary of a British or Western worker. Corporate greed and speculation results in an unfair society, it is manifest in world trade and responds only to one law: how to earn more money through exploitation. Workers’ rights are not respected, but indeed are openly abused. Or workers are simply laid off and sent home and the production is transferred abroad to cheap-labour economies at fractional prices.

True British Socialism and national honour cannot accept this. A code of fair international production and trading standards would be essential once our Country has embraced Prosperity. We could not accept unfair exploitation either at home or abroad as a means of furthering our national economy.  

Written by D. Alexander

Part 1: Will Britain acquire a national and social identity?

Part 2: Nationalism and Socialism in Britain as opposed to extremism

Monday, 2 December 2013

Nationalism and Socialism in Britain as Opposed to Extremism

Part 2
Being Opposed to Extremism
The idea of British national and social values comes from nationalism and socialism in reference to Britain. It opposes the extremism of capitalist greed, such as corporate chief executives using shareholders’ revenues to greatly inflate their salaries when the masses of people are quite clearly in a state of increasing financial grievance.  

British national and social values also oppose the extreme views of the Left that tries to water down national sovereignty and national identity, always speaking out for the right of any number of millions of people from all over the world to immigrate to Britain and trying to forcefully impose mass immigration on us by denying the British People a vote on European Union membership.

These extreme policies reached their climax under the premiership of T. Blair, who secretly imposed an agenda of mass immigration to Britain while knowing that it was not the wish of the British People. Blair is known to have lied in order to pursue his agendas, and is also known to have stated that he considered the British People racist and that mass immigration would break the will of the People.

The same T. Blair embarked in wars against other countries, namely Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan, and in so doing he proved that the system he represented pursues a policy of violent aggression against other countries. He also became extremely rich after leaving the office of Prime Minister, acting as “advisor” to foreign governments and companies. However, he left office just shortly before the great financial crash of 2008, and he also left behind the legacy of the turmoil he took part in creating in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
A Fair Society
Elderly people should not be left to die of thirst, and patients should not be left to drink water from flower pots in hospitals. Those who care for them in homes or hospitals should not be given “targets” that see overstretched staff in cash-strapped institutions leaving patients to suffer or die in misery. Carers should be given a mission to care for the vulnerable, and the State must be sure that the nurses are well trained, whole-hearted and sufficient in number.

Vulnerable children should not be abandoned to child-groomers and rapists, but cared for and protected. Disabled people should not see their incomes cut due to spending cuts, or the services made available to them reduced due to a bankrupt State, and they should not be forced out of their homes due to an extra room which a cynical government considers to be “too much”.  

Unborn children should not be diagnosed in their mother’s womb to see if they are “unworthy of being born”. Abortion should not be “the answer to poverty”, and elderly people should not be made to choose between heating their room and eating a hot dinner.

True Socialism cannot espouse the cold indifference of the corporate greed society or the “financial target” mentality of a bankrupt state intent on making figures sum up at no matter which human expense.

Yet this same Socialism cannot afford to sacrifice the rights and the needs of the British People to the demands of millions of young, able, fit people from half the world rushing over to Britain – often with their whole family – to cash in on the available jobs, on the benefits and on the social services that we offer.

These people do have their own country, very often these are fertile lands, and they are countries where the population density is considerably lower than in Britain. To simply come over to Britain and claim asylum and be carried on cushions into a council house from day one, and given the weekly welfare cheque, while British people wait even ten years to receive a council flat, is outrageous. It is, quite simply, not fair. And it is not fair that millions of people can come over and take a job with all the attached benefits, while millions of British people are consigned to unemployment.

The Cruel, Arrogant Establishment
The same Establishment that from 1914 to 1918 sent millions of British men to the slaughter against our brethren of Germany later imposed a cruel destiny on the German People. They were humiliated and made to suffer, and they were made to pay for everything. Today, we British are being made to pay every day £50 million to the European Union, large sectors of our productive industry have been transferred abroad, and we are forced to hand over millions of our remaining jobs to people from foreign countries coming over with their families to colonise our Country, while we pay for everything.

Our economy is being bled to death and we are being made to pay when there is no money left to hand over, even when our public debt increases by around 150 to 200 billion pounds every year. An extremely incompetent and arrogant string of governments has smashed the British economy and bankrupted it, and they have signed away British sovereignty to foreign powers.

They have tried to change our ethnic and cultural identity into that of a tiny, bankrupt global village; they have sown the seeds of sedition within Britain by implanting opposing ideologies; they have sown the seeds of discord between different cultures, something that once we did not have. They have enriched our society to the extent that we are totally bankrupt save the rich, who get ever richer, and to the point that we have whole communities being indoctrinated with world views that are completely contrary to those of Christianity.

Unless we assert our right to be a British, Christian Nation, and to bring an end to mass immigration and also to capitalist greed, our Country will fall. We do not need war and persecution but need to avoid war and stop persecution and prevent the fall of our British Nation. We are being persecuted by the cynical party-establishment that swears an oath of allegiance to one and the same private family member.

We need a periodically elected Parliament giving a pledge to the People, a Parliament that does not hand over our Sovereignty to foreign powers and that does not hand over our Country to foreign peoples. We are being denied the democratic right to become a truly sovereign People.

Written by D. Alexander

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Will Britain Acquire a National and Social Identity?

Part 1
A combination of extreme capitalism – where bankers in the London City continue to grant themselves higher incomes from share companies’ profits – and extreme left wing mass-immigration policy, could be resulting in a shift of British sentiment towards nationalism and socialism. 

The desire to be rid of the get-ever-richer mentality of the company directors, and also to put an almighty end to the endeavours of the “import the whole world” brigade, could herald a new era of national redemption.

British People may Be Banned from Working in Britain
If you are British, you most likely cannot work as a seasonal fruit picker. Hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans receive work permits from the British Government to pick our fruit in our Land. We are categorically excluded. Capitalist extremism carried out by the British Government discriminates against British people on account of our ethnic origin and our attitude.

A vast proportion of factory employment in England is given to people specifically on account of their being from other countries and not Britain. Numerous factory employers recruit only among Eastern Europeans.

The Loony Left and the Tiny Global Village
We are being yelled at because it is not enough that millions of people have immigrated to Britain, while we have millions of unemployed Brits and our landscapes are rapidly disappearing and becoming housing estates. We are shouted at because we do not want millions more immigrants here.

Yes, we want our Country with its natural landscapes, the farms and the woods, while other people have their own country. We also want to leave the EU, which we never voted for anyway. We are being constantly told that we cannot leave the EU, that we have no right to decide our own laws and that everyone from 27 other EU countries has the right to come over and settle here, and that there is nothing we can do about it.

Supremacist Domination
As a Christian, I do not believe that our Country Britain should be pursuing a policy of building and maintaining a nuclear-armed arsenal, as I do not have intentions of invading another country, or getting militarily involved in foreign countries’ problems that really do not concern us. This is somewhat the opposite of the loony Left supremacist T. Blair, who invaded no less than three countries.

Paying Tributes to Foreign Powers
Similar to Germany in the 1920s, Britain is forced to pay £50 million a day to foreign powers, whose laws override British Law. We have millions of unemployed, and millions of people come over and take our jobs and colonise our Country against our expressed will. There is nothing we can do about it and we must pay up, and large sectors of our productive economy have already been dismantled and transferred to other countries.

We Could Lose our Country Forever
At this rate, in thirty years we will have become an ethnic minority in our own Country, we will have been disinherited and we will have paid for it all too. The extremely rich capitalist elite won’t mind, and the loony Left who are looking forward to becoming an ethnic minority will think it’s great.

So what happens if the majority of us do not want this? And what happens if we do not want an elected Parliament that swears an oath of loyalty to a private family member rather than giving a pledge of loyalty to the People of Britain?

Can one private family claiming to be the head of half the world, or the loony Left who profess the tiny global village, force us into submission? What happens if they keep transforming our farms and woods into housing estates for millions of immigrants until a famine breaks out and we have not enough food? What happens if the State, with £1.4 trillion public debt, adding to the £1.4 trillion private debt, falls apart under the relentless burden of ever more people coming over and settling down here?

Written by D. Alexander

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