Friday, 28 October 2011

David Cameron Challenges the EU

The Prime Minister David Cameron is set to defend the City from European Law.

The Eurozone Attempts to Paralyse Britain's Financial Nerve Centre
Sky News has reported on 28 October 2011 that "the Prime Minister David Cameron has said London's financial sector is under assault from European Union rules and regulations."

The Prime Minister has warned that the 17 eurozone nations are doing a lot of things together, that they are having meetings alone and are establishing common machinery indicating economic integration, and asks whether this is leading to caucusing within the EU, with the ultimate aim of the 17 eurozone countries ganging up on Britain's centre of financial services.

Dave to Fight for Britain
This latest drift in events will certainly do a lot to salvage the PM's public image after his recent debacle in Parliament, where the eurosceptics put up a staunch resistance on 24 October 2011 by voting in favour of a referendum on the EU despite a three-line party whip to vote against it.

If the Prime Minister's latest move on the chess board is deciphered rightly, David Cameron has realised that, as far as the British public opinion is concerned, he either stays with the EU and goes, or he fights the EU and stays on.

So if the “block of 17” has decided to paralyse the City in order to knock Britain out financially, then the Prime Minister has chosen the most appropriate battle cry to redeem himself in the public eye.

Article written by D. Alexander

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