Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Union Flag and the Christian Faith

The true Constitution of the British Isles is based on the Christian Faith, which is the Faith of the Union Flag.

The Union Flag Flies for Christ
The Union Flag is Christian, bearing the three crosses of England, Scotland and Ireland. The flag of the Union does not renege the Christian Faith, and so the British Isles cannot renege Christ without reneging the national Flag of the Union.

The Crosses in the Union Flag
The three crosses in the Union Jack are the English cross of Saint George, the Scottish cross of Saint Andrew and the Irish cross of Saint Patrick.

The English Saint George cross and the Irish Saint Patrick cross are each on white background, conform with the national flag respectively of Saint George and Saint Patrick, and the blue background of the Union Jack is from the national flag of Scotland.

Faith in Christ and the Union Flag
There can be no meaningful allegiance to our national flag without faith in Jesus Christ and God the Father. To renege Christ is to renege our own Country and our national Emblem of the Union. Christ Jesus is our Emperor, the Church of Christ is represented in our national standard, and our Union Flag stands before God the Almighty Father.

The Church of our Fair Lady Britannia stands above the sea in the East-West line of the sun, and our Mother shows the way to Christ's Church.

D. Alexander

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