Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Come out of Babylon!

The European Union has tried to replace the High City and subdue many nations, but the EU will fall!

The Twelve Celestial Stars
In the Book of Revelation, it is written that the Twelve Celestial Stars are the Crown of a Lady In High. This Lady is of great importance to Christ's Church and to prosperity among nations.

The EU Claiming the Twelve Stars
The European Union has claimed the Twelve Stars, and in so doing has made an attempt to replace divine authority over many nations with an imposed authority of human origin. The twelve star emblem of the EU is nothing more and nothing less than an obnoxious sign of the Beast, whose authority has led to economic devastation and humiliation.

British Independence
Many people in Britain are asking for our Country to leave the EU, the hated European Union, and for a return to British independence. The battle cry for British independence is: come out of Babylon!

Our Fair Lady is Crowned with the Twelve Stars! Celtic Britannia!

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