Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Petition on Immigration

A petition on immigration has started on 1 November 2011.

No to 70 Million
The petition, launched by Migration Watch under the title No to 70 million, can be signed online, and calls on the Government to take all necessary steps to get immigration down to a level that will stabilise the British population as close to the present level as possible and certainly well below 70 million.
The petition explains that over the past 10 years the government has permitted mass immigration into the UK notwithstanding very strong public opposition.

Mass Immigration
Mass immigration brings with it massive burdens on Britain's services and expenses, including health, education, benefits and pensions, and is undoubtedly the main cause for high costs in accommodation, as rent and the prices of houses have dramatically increased over the years.

Jobs to Immigrants Only
In Britain, a situation has been reached whereby 89% of jobs go to immigrants, and in many factories where the minimum wage is paid, jobs go exclusively to non-British workers as a matter of principle. In a large number of British factories English is not spoken at all among the workers, thus making it impossible for British people to so much as contemplate working there even if their job application were accepted.

Non-English Speaking Line Leaders
It is common to find job offers for line leaders who speak a language that is not English, but that of the workers who they would be responsible for. Ethnic discrimination is common place in British factories, and as a result, millions of British people are consigned to sheer poverty, to signing on at the job centre, while the private sector employers exercise their uncontrolled powers over the employment market.

Article written by D. Alexander.

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