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Saint Mark the Evangelist

The successor to Saint Peter is Saint Mark the Evangelist.

St. Mark Evangelist Son of Peter
Saint Peter presented Mark to the Church as his son. Towards the end of the First Letter of Peter, 5: 13, it is written "Your sister church in Babylon, also chosen by God, sends you greetings, and so does my son Mark". The name and title Mark son of Peter indicates that he is Peter's favoured disciple and successor. Saint Mark, who is the first Evangelist, wrote the first version of the Gospel following Peter's testimony of the One Christ. In so doing, he became undisputed disciple of Peter, to whom Christ had given the Keys to the Realm of Heaven.

The Catholic Church Dishonouring Saint Mark Evangelist
The Catholic Church does not recognise Saint Mark the Evangelist as Peter's successor, claiming that the line of succession passes through the popes. Yet Saint Peter did not present any pope as his disciple, but openly proclaimed Mark. For how long will the Catholic Church continue claiming that Saint Peter's keys belong to the popes, while at the same time denying that Peter's chosen disciple, who is also author of the first version of the Gospel, is in reality the one to whom St. Peter gave testimony as his spiritual son and heir. 

Of-course, were the Catholic Church to recognise the error and admit that the linage of popes starting with Linus was a mistake from the start, then so too would the pope immediately cease to lay claim to St. Peter's keys. It would become evident to all that he and his predecessors never possessed these keys.

The Great Controversy
The controversy between the Church of Saint Peter and the Catholic Church should be decided in virtue of the truth contained within the Bible. The two letters of Saint Peter do not support the version upheld by the Catholic Church that the popes are his successors, but give credit to Saint Mark the Evangelist, author of the first written Gospel.

Nowhere is it written in the New Testament that St. Peter nominated Linus as his heir, but it is written that he chose St. Mark as his son. Linus is not mentioned at all in the New Testament as a pope, and in his own day most probably never claimed to be a pope either. It was only many centuries later that the Vatican referred to Linus as a pope, and as the direct heir to Simon Peter. In so doing, the Catholic Church has excluded the Evangelist Mark from the line of St. Peter and thereby entered into controversy with the Apostolic Church. Once this fact has been universally acknowledged among Christians, on that day the Catholic Church must certainly cease to be. 

The Gospel will prevail!

Written by D. Alexander

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