Monday, 11 July 2011

Dover by the Sea

Britannia's Oldest Settlement
Dover, of which the Celtic name is Dubra, meaning the Waters, is Britain's first and oldest port, and is home to the Bronze Age Boat. Dover is probably Britain's oldest settlement, and thus can be considered the cradle of civilization in the British Isles. It is said that Dover also gave the Celtic name of Albion to Britain.

Church and Light Tower by the Sea
Britannia's Light Tower Church within the Castle-walls stands upon the White Cliffs of Dover, above the port and harbour. Standing in the East-West line of the cosmic order, this church indicates a road leading directly to the foundations of Christ's Church.

Folkestone Road: Road of the People's Stone
The Foundations of the Church of Christ are to be found along Folkestone Road in Dover. The etymology of this name is from Old English and means Folca's Stone, Folca being a man's name with the meaning of People, Folk, Nation. Destiny so willed it that the road along which the foundations of the Church of Jesus Christ are to be found is called by this name, as Christ is the Corner-Stone. Upon the foundations of his Church Prosperity will come.

Jesus is the Son of Man, to whom the name Folca can quite readily be associated, and being also the Son of God, it is to the founding stone of his Church that the road leads from the Fair Lady's Light Tower Church standing on the White Cliffs of Dover.   
Our Celtic Mother Britannia Fair! 

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The Holy Drone: Sarge held the Drone (the note) as Britannia's Soldiers entered the Church carrying gifts of thanksgiving in the name of the Fair Lady.
And the Chanters played.

Written by D. Alexander

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