Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Principality of Filettino

Filettino Declares Independence
The municipality of Filettino, 70 miles east of Rome, has declared independence from Italy, becoming a principality. The BBC published the news on 3 September 2011 with the headlines: Italian town Filettino declares independence.

Reasons for Filettino's Declaration of Independence
The move to independence comes in the face of severe austerity measures being introduced in Italy, including a law to merge municipalities and sack local councils. The BBC reports the mayor, Luca Sellari, as saying: “there is enormous enthusiasm about declaring the independence of the new principality.”

New Currency in Filettino
The Principality of Filettino has introduced its own currency, the Fiorito, the banknotes already being used in local shops as legal tender.

Article written by D Alexander

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