Thursday, 22 September 2011

British Party, House Prices

House Prices
The housing market should be regulated following a policy of commodity prices based on real value. An accommodation would be valued according to all its individual components and their condition. Therefore, the bricks and cement comprising a property have a set value, as do the windows and doors, staircases, floorboards and roof tiles. Indeed nothing within the property could be valued above its reasonable market price, including the cost of installation for water, gas and electricity. Every individual component that constitutes the property would add up to the accommodation's full value, or real value, including the land it is situated on.

Increased Value on House Prices
Increased value of a property owing to location, the surrounding neighbourhood conditions and any other external factors, should not exceed a set percentage of the property's real value, for example 10-15%. House prices must not be driven by any other market forces. The housing market must not be subject to speculation.

Who Should Determine the Prices of Individual Houses?
The valuation of an accommodation for sale would have to be examined and approved by an official and competent office. 

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