Saturday, 3 September 2011

Conservative Party in Scotland May Disband

According to the BBC, published 4 September 2011, the Scottish Tories may disband the Conservative Party in Scotland and create a new centre-right party.

MSP Murdo Fraser
Murdo Fraser, who is deputy leader of the Scottish Conservative Party and Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Mid Scotland and Fife, will be standing as a candidate in the upcoming leadership contest of the Scottish Conservatives next month.

Cobbled Together Government
Murdo Fraser makes the announcement as the Tory Party UK battles with ongoing campaigns from the general public in Britain, with slogans such as "the cobbled together government", "leaderless Dave" and "the U-turn government", leaving the leadership speechless.

New Centre-Right Party in Scotland
According to the BBC, Mr. Fraser said "David Cameron was aware and the idea had the support of several senior Conservatives at Westminster."

Mr. Fraser's intention is to create a new centre-right party in Scotland that would however maintain an alliance with the Conservative Party at Westminster.

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