Saturday, 24 September 2011

British Party, Speculation in the Economy

Speculation in the Economy
Britain must work towards an economy free of any kind of speculation. Wherever speculation is a driving force in economic planning, it will lead to injustice. The fruit of honest labour paid for with a fair salary should be at the basis of the economy, with no space for any kind of easy profit.

Quick profit is usually the result of planned speculation, whereby people's incomes and savings are drawn upon by another entity in an excessive manner, or work is paid for with a low salary.

Britain's economy is presently obsessed with speculation, leading to many forms of injustice, such as evicting hard-working people from their home owing to high mortgages and employing non-British people in factories for the minimum wage, deliberately consigning millions of British citizens to unemployment, as they could not live on the minimum wage, or are not as physically fit as competitors from countries where a much lower minimum wage is the norm.

Private Sector Discrimination Equals Speculation
Private sector employers who speculate on the age, health and ethnic origin of the workers they intend to employ, and work out miserable salary conditions in order to increase their personal profits, are largely responsible for the economic injustice that is consigning millions of people to a future of uncertainty and deprivation in Britain.

Rich people strive to become richer, and those who are very rich know no end to their quest for personal assets. This is basically the result of speculation thriving on hard-working people, driving many into personal financial ruin or unemployment.

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