Thursday, 22 September 2011

British Party, Local Economic Administration

Local Economic Administration Board
Each county would have an economic administration board responsible for promoting and safeguarding the local economy according to nationally approved standards. The central county economic administration board would have an office in each district within the county.

Functions of the board would include ensuring that vacant jobs are offered to local citizens and that under no circumstances priority is given to foreign nationals.

Creating Local Economic Production
The board would also be responsible for creating new production sites in industry and agriculture whenever demand on the national and international markets would justify such move, and providing there is a need to create work for locally unemployed people.

The administration of new productive sites would be offered to people with skills in the relevant trade, and the centres of production, whether or not they are privately owned, cannot be transferred abroad.

The creation of new production sites through county economic administration boards would further require central coordination at national level, ensuring that agricultural and industrial production is fairly distributed nationwide.

The county economic administration board would also provide training courses to help local citizens find work in the available spheres of economy.

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