Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Monarchy: Jesus King of Britain

If there is a challenge between the Fair Lady and the house of Windsor as to who is Monarch over Britain, how would it end?

The Road to Christ's Church
The Church of the Fair Lady indicates the road leading to Christ's Church, as Jesus Son of God is rightful Monarch of Britain. The foundations of this Church are there.
Now let us suppose that the Church had been ripped down under the reign of the queen. And let us suppose that Jesus had the Church rebuilt following the original plan.
Who then is rightful Monarch of Britain and Defender of the Faith, the queen, or Jesus our Saviour?

Prosperity from High
Prosperity comes from the High City, it does not come from the house of Windsor. So if the queen has decided to hang on and pass the throne to her descendants, the Church of Christ will not accept that those who tore it down impose their authority over it.
The great controversy will come to a conclusion when it is accepted that Jesus is Monarch of Britain and that the Fair Lady In High has established the English Church in the Name of Jesus Christ.

The English Church
It is proven that Henry VIII never established the English Church, and neither did the Pope. Henry VIII tore down many English priories, stole from English churches and confiscated Church estates. He used the proceeds to wage wars.

Under the authority of the queen, Christ's Church was torn down along Folkestone Road, and it was not the house of Windsor who rebuilt it.
The English Church is not under the authority of the queen or her family, for Jesus Son of God is Saviour and Monarch of Britain.

The queen and her family may claim many things, but they cannot take the Keys of Prosperity from the Fair Lady.

Written by D. Alexander

The English Church

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