Friday, 23 August 2013

Syria and the Muslim Attack

The Muslim Attack Will Come from the North
If a Muslim attack should strike Europe, it will come from the North, from North of the Alps. I take this to mean it will be planned and triggered from within the West. It will affect Britain, Europe and North America.

Are there obscure elements within the West that are planning something that will cause a Muslim attack?

Personally I believe some elements within Western governments are stirring up war in the Middle East and that this could lead, eventually, to a Muslim attack.
Non-sectarian governments in Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and North Africa seem to have been on the receiving end of Western government interference in the name of “democracy”. Extremist Jihadist groups appear to be becoming stronger because of it.

William Hague the British Foreign Secretary
William Hague the British Foreign Secretary appears to be singing from the same hymn-sheet as the Syrian rebels, and meanwhile he appears to know who carried out a chemical attack on civilians in Syria without any evidence or prior research. He does not appear to have had any problem with British passport-holders traveling to Syria to fight for extremist Jihadist groups and then returning to Britain.

Is William Hague following a personal agenda as Foreign Secretary that jeopardises Britain's security?
It does certainly seem to be the case.
What he might manage to spark off could have catastrophic consequences for the West.

If we do not speak out now, tomorrow may be too late.
The Government that has given Britain austerity, while increasing the public debt from £750 billion to about £1.2 trillion in three years, and that does not have a clue how to sanely govern Britain's economy, appears to be fomenting the war in Syria.

Are we the British People to be led like dumb sheeple down the path leading to catastrophe?
What I do know is that the Muslim attack, if it comes, will come from the North, from within the West, and precisely from north of the Alps. The meaning seems to be that it will be triggered off from the North.

Will a Muslim chemical attack be carried out in the North, within the West, for example in Europe?

Were there plans to carry out a chemical attack in Syria that we are being kept unaware of by Western Governments?

Written by D. Alexander

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