Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Falkland Islands or Gibraltar

The Dispute Between Spain and Gibraltar
In August 2013, a dispute arose between Spain and Gibraltar.
The quarrel stems from differing views on fishing and on how to prevent the depletion of fish stocks in the sea water in the area. It immediately became a dispute between Spain and Britain.

However, the Spanish government is seeking to involve the Falkland Islands by proposing a kind of diplomatic alliance with Argentina that would unify these two countries' quarrels with Britain.

The Falkland Islands are not Gibraltar
The view on Celtic Britannia is that the Falkland Islands may not be dragged into the quarrel between the governments of Spain on one side and Gibraltar and Britain on the other.

It would be a serious breach of international Law if the United Nations were to accept to involve the inhabitants of the Falkland Islands and their territory in an argument that does not relate to them. It would be an even greater breach of International Law if this meant jeopardising their security and integrity.

The British and Spanish governments should seek to preserve good relations between the Peoples of Britain and Spain. Both should underline the need to preserve the right of the island people of the Falklands to be kept out of a dispute to which they are not party.

Written by D. Alexander

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