Friday, 26 July 2013

Britannia's Son

The English Church Conceived in the Spirit
The Fair Lady Britannia is Mother of the English Church that was conceived in the Spirit in Kent during the sixth century. A Kentish prince by the name of Ethelbert, son of Eormenric, married a Frankish princess, Bertha. Princess Bertha carried the Holy Scriptures over to Kent.

Prince Ethelbert later succeeded his father Eormenric and became king of Kent. He restored a Celtic chapel in Canterbury – dedicated to St. Martin of Tours – to its original ecclesiastic function, and he also converted to the Christian Faith of his wife Queen Bertha.

This is how the English Church was conceived in the Spirit in Canterbury, capital of the Kingdom of Kent. The English Church was conceived through a royal marriage, the Gospel and the dedication of a church to the Faith in Christ.

By the time Augustine came to Kent, the English Church had already been established through the Gospel.

The Prosperous English Church
The English Church can prosper because it is built on its original foundations, which came about through the love of a wife for her husband and the love of a husband for his wife. They were united in the Faith in Christ.

The English Church recognises only Jesus Christ Son of God as its sole Leader and Head, and the Holy Scriptures as its sole Doctrine, and only God Almighty as the Holy Father.

This Church shall never fail.  

Written by D. Alexander

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