Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Way Towards a New Constitution in Britain

Mortal People
The form of Monarchy I advocate would exclude mortal people having an air of “omnipotence” within the Institutions, it would exclude a private family receiving almighty-like reverence and hereditary privileges that make no sense to Democracy and civil administration.

We should leave Omnipotence to God and dedicate ourselves to living in, and for, a fair society.
This way, we would cure ourselves of believing that mortal people should be revered as “almighty-like” when in reality they are mortals!

Head of State
I firmly believe the house of Windsor should all become normal people, no longer considered as head of the Church of England, nor as head of the State, nor as head of the Government, nor of Army, nor of Police.
The British Monarchy should be that of Jesus Christ, while we remain a United Kingdom that believes in the Celestial Monarchy.

We should have no mortal person as monarch. and no mortal person should receive the title of “head of State”. No human should represent the Country as if they were its “head”.

The Cabinet should not be able to make important decisions without consulting Parliament, and the idea of Governing Authority at national level should rest with elected Parliament.

We should have direct Democracy, whereby each local community has the right to vote by way of referendum on important local issues concerning their community, and similarly the Nation has the right to vote by way of referendum on important national issues.

Written by D. Alexander

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