Thursday, 25 April 2013

Project Kentish House

Preliminary Proposed Constitution
1. Kentish House is a proposal for a community owned company operating in the County of Kent. It would be established by way of a founding constitution, with binding rules and regulations, with the declared intention of investing all contributing funds in the Kentish economy. Kentish House will offer work to local people living within the County of Kent, with the sole possible exception of employing people from further afield if these are required in order to offer skilled training to the local population in Kent.

2. Contributing funds will be considered as shares, there will be no private owners but only share-owners. Shares would only be issued at a set price and ideally will earn an annual dividend according to yearly profits achieved through the company's economic production. Shares could not fluctuate in value on a speculative basis, but their value could possibly increase in line with the rate of inflation. The company will not pursue any form of speculative trading with its shares, nor permit any shareholding member to do so.
A set percentage of profits from economic production, separate from dividends, would be used for further investment and expansion of the company within the Kentish economy.

3. The company will preferably avoid financial loans and depend on share investments of its members.

4. Individual people and groups would be able to invest in Kentish House and receive shares exactly according to their financial investment. There would be no bonuses to any share holder or any particular member or employed person, and all salaries are to be established according to the binding constitution of the company.

5. All investments and operations and forms of management will be transparent and accountable and will conform to the established laws of the United Kingdom.

Proposals and Objectives of Project Kentish House
The company will have several branches, the two major being agricultural and industrial.
The agricultural branch will use its funds to invest in farmland in Kent. This will be done by purchasing land and also renting available land from other owners at set contracts. Nurseries will be established within the County to produce fruit trees and also plants for other crops, including berries and vegetables, suitable for the Kentish climate and with preference given to traditionally local varieties.
Kentish House will cultivate plots of land in Kent and sell the produce, and will abide to a strict policy of preserving nature and avoiding the use of chemical insecticides.

The industrial branch will set about establishing production centres such as textile factories manufacturing material and the clothes made from it, footwear, furniture, and generally any form of civil manufacture that currently is imported into Britain but could be produced in Kent.

Agricultural and industrial products may be sold in Kent, in Britain and abroad at standard and fair prices that assure a reasonable wage to the employed workers and a reasonable profit. The company will not engage in unethical forms of production or in unfair trade either when producing and marketing at its own sites, or when buying materials and products from anywhere in the world for further use at its own production sites.

Kentish House will not invest in lands or factories outside Kent, and by its own constitution will be bound to offer training and employment to the local population of Kent. The company's policy will avoid unfair competition with other producers within the economy and will plan its production in accordance with demand for agricultural produce and industrial manufacture that is imported from abroad but could be produced in Kent. It will not aim to diminish the trade of other producers and manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

This is the preliminary outline of Project Kentish House. All aspects presented thus far are of preliminary nature and will need to be defined and approved according to current or future British law, including the event of the foreseeable exit of Britain from the European Union.

Kentish House is a project of British Party, presented in Dover, Kent.  

Written by D. Alexander

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