Friday, 19 April 2013

The Tiny Global Village Called Speculation

How big money is made exploiting the Tiny Global Village.

A Window to Speculation
If you have ever asked why unemployment is rampant in Britain, as indeed in so many other western countries, look no further than speculation within the economy to find the answer. The easiest way to make big money is to buy a product for as little as possible, and then sell it for a huge profit. It is similar to giving out a loan at a huge interest rate.

Free Economy, Speculation, Austerity
The so-called free economy has allowed for Britain's manufacturing sector to be greatly depleted, to a large extent uprooted and closed down. This came about through speculation, finding ways to send millions of workers into unemployment and transferring Britain's traditional manufacture to countries where the cost of labour is fractional compared to the United Kingdom.

The result is austerity, with everything that is attached to austerity: unemployment, living off job-seekers allowance, borrowing money to pay for basic daily expenses, mortgaging the house, reverting to taking out payday loans at extortionate interest rates, home eviction, hunger.

Because the government system that allowed speculation to take over and destroy the economy is obviously not run by competent people, it should not really come as a surprise that these same governments over the years have mismanaged the State's finances and inflicted upon our Country an enormous Public Debt of over £1 trillion. Having at some point discovered this “rather insignificant” inconvenience, the Government then decided to inflict even more austerity by way of spending cuts, which go as far as cutting the Police Force and axing council budgets by as much as 40%, as well as axing hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs.

As a result, we have austerity coming from two directions: from personal and private bankruptcy, and from State bankruptcy. Needless to say, most banks also went bankrupt, having sunk into a world of speculative banking which had nothing to do with the real economy. The banks that became insolvent had invested the savers' money in toxic paper investments in other countries, and in government bonds of other countries, and in all sorts of fictitious and unrealistic paper assets readily available almost all over the globe.

Conquering the world in the name of speculation meant reaping fast and easy profits while earning top salaries, and adding to these big salaries even bigger bonuses, often many times higher than the actual salaries. As could have been expected, the banks crashed, as it was all based on speculation, on false economy, on greed, and mankind cannot conquer the world with greed.

High Street within the Global Village
As we all know, Britain's shops and supermarkets sell almost entirely products manufactured in cheap labour economies, sometimes at very low prices, and at times with enormous profit margins. This assures us mass unemployment, a conspicuous carbon footprint to transport just about everything from the other end of the world to Britain, a trade deficit and a Society dependent on benefits.

And those factories that are still operating in Britain often have a habit of employing cheap foreign labour on top of it all, thus guaranteeing British Society nothing more than a downtrodden place in the Global Village, with the Government planning to plaster over Britain's woodland and farmland to build millions of homes to accommodate mass immigration.

The workers on these building sites are commonly from Eastern Europe! So we have it all way round: unemployment, dependency on benefits, private debt, public debt, and to top it all, we will even lose our natural resources, the woods and the farmland, all sacrificed to the Global Village.

Yes, it seems as though the governing Establishment is rapidly transforming Britain into a one-off High Street within the Global Village, where developers and speculators and failed politicians will bury our remaining farms and woods under a tarmac of cement, while ensuring we have no manufacture either.
No manufacture, no agriculture, no woodland: is this the dismal destiny that awaits Britain?
And all in the name of speculation and big-money!

Written by D. Alexander

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