Saturday, 13 April 2013

British Party: Trident and Nuclear Submarines

Britain's future Prosperity comes from High, through Jesus Christ.

Britain to Campaign for an End to Nuclear Arms
British Party trusts in the Church of Jesus Christ and recognises the Gospel as the basis for the Constitution. Britain will campaign for a world conference to discuss all nuclear disarmament, with no exceptions. No country in the world must have nuclear weapons. The sooner this comes about, the better.

This campaign will involve convincing people all over the world that nuclear weapons imply mass destruction and genocide. It is not within the Spirit of the Gospel to even contemplate destroying cities, regions and countries, let alone making active contingency plans to do so by way of nuclear strategy.

How much would Trident Nuclear Submarines Cost?
All counted, the Trident project would cost around one hundred billion pounds between submarines, nuclear missiles, maintenance and operating expenditure.
British Party opposes the plans of numerous political parties in Britain to renew the Trident nuclear submarine programme.

It is not within the spirit of the British Christian foundations to defy the Gospel and base military strategy on mass destruction of the Earth and of Mankind. To do so would alienate Britain from Prosperity, and this is the ultimate cost the Trident nuclear weapons system would incur. By defying Christ, we could be inflicting upon our Country the ultimate catastrophe, which is to lose Prosperity.

There is possibly no greater way to lose Prosperity than by following the road of planned destruction of the Earth and of Mankind. Hence British Party will oppose the schemes of numerous political parties in our Country to impose upon us a policy of sheer madness.

Head of Trident Nuclear Missiles
The declared head of Britain's Government and of Britain's Armed Forces is the house of Windsor, but British Party believes in the new Constitution and the refounded Union Flag, which is given from High and honours the Christian Faith.

The Head of the British Isles is Jesus Christ, and so the British Monarchy is Divine and Heavenly. It cannot belong to a mortal person or to a private family. Nuclear missile strategies come from mortal people attempting to impose an alienation of our Country from Prosperity.

British Party upholds the Christian Faith and holds to the Union Flag as our national Christian identity.

Trident: party divisions on nuclear deterrent

Written by D. Alexander

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