Sunday, 1 December 2013

Will Britain Acquire a National and Social Identity?

Part 1
A combination of extreme capitalism – where bankers in the London City continue to grant themselves higher incomes from share companies’ profits – and extreme left wing mass-immigration policy, could be resulting in a shift of British sentiment towards nationalism and socialism. 

The desire to be rid of the get-ever-richer mentality of the company directors, and also to put an almighty end to the endeavours of the “import the whole world” brigade, could herald a new era of national redemption.

British People may Be Banned from Working in Britain
If you are British, you most likely cannot work as a seasonal fruit picker. Hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans receive work permits from the British Government to pick our fruit in our Land. We are categorically excluded. Capitalist extremism carried out by the British Government discriminates against British people on account of our ethnic origin and our attitude.

A vast proportion of factory employment in England is given to people specifically on account of their being from other countries and not Britain. Numerous factory employers recruit only among Eastern Europeans.

The Loony Left and the Tiny Global Village
We are being yelled at because it is not enough that millions of people have immigrated to Britain, while we have millions of unemployed Brits and our landscapes are rapidly disappearing and becoming housing estates. We are shouted at because we do not want millions more immigrants here.

Yes, we want our Country with its natural landscapes, the farms and the woods, while other people have their own country. We also want to leave the EU, which we never voted for anyway. We are being constantly told that we cannot leave the EU, that we have no right to decide our own laws and that everyone from 27 other EU countries has the right to come over and settle here, and that there is nothing we can do about it.

Supremacist Domination
As a Christian, I do not believe that our Country Britain should be pursuing a policy of building and maintaining a nuclear-armed arsenal, as I do not have intentions of invading another country, or getting militarily involved in foreign countries’ problems that really do not concern us. This is somewhat the opposite of the loony Left supremacist T. Blair, who invaded no less than three countries.

Paying Tributes to Foreign Powers
Similar to Germany in the 1920s, Britain is forced to pay £50 million a day to foreign powers, whose laws override British Law. We have millions of unemployed, and millions of people come over and take our jobs and colonise our Country against our expressed will. There is nothing we can do about it and we must pay up, and large sectors of our productive economy have already been dismantled and transferred to other countries.

We Could Lose our Country Forever
At this rate, in thirty years we will have become an ethnic minority in our own Country, we will have been disinherited and we will have paid for it all too. The extremely rich capitalist elite won’t mind, and the loony Left who are looking forward to becoming an ethnic minority will think it’s great.

So what happens if the majority of us do not want this? And what happens if we do not want an elected Parliament that swears an oath of loyalty to a private family member rather than giving a pledge of loyalty to the People of Britain?

Can one private family claiming to be the head of half the world, or the loony Left who profess the tiny global village, force us into submission? What happens if they keep transforming our farms and woods into housing estates for millions of immigrants until a famine breaks out and we have not enough food? What happens if the State, with £1.4 trillion public debt, adding to the £1.4 trillion private debt, falls apart under the relentless burden of ever more people coming over and settling down here?

Written by D. Alexander

Part 2: Nationalism and Socialism in Britain as opposed to extremism

Part 3: Nationalism and Socialism as opposed to exploitation

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