Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ethnic British Children Are Being Written off

An Ofsted report reveals that ethnically British children are being written off by the State. Sky News reports in an article dated 11 December 2013, that “progress in education by white children – particularly those from poor backgrounds – is slower than all other ethnic groups”.

The education body’s chief inspector is to officially announce that children of ethnic British origin are being written off far too often, and that many are reduced to poverty.
Sir Michael Wilshaw is set to announce that high expectations should be for all children and not just for particular ethnic groups.

Sky report: 

Writing off the Ethnic British People in Britain
The British State has dedicated enormous resources to accommodate mass immigration. Immigrants have been overtly privileged by being given free council houses and weekly welfare cheques as soon as they arrive in Britain, such as is the case with asylum seekers. Ethnically British people wait even 10 years or more to receive a council flat. Indeed, mass immigration came about at the expense of the British People who originally lived in Britain, and now we are being written off after having been reduced into poverty to pay for mass immigration.

We also pay £50 million a day to the European Union in the form of tributes to foreign powers. EU law overrides British Law, we are no longer a sovereign State. Within 30 years, we ethnic British may be a minority in our own Country, written off, and this after paying for everything and incurring a £1.4 trillion public debt too.

Families of different ethnic origin tend to have many more children than ethnic British families do, and so they receive a lot more money from the State such as in the form of child benefits and larger houses to live in.

Written by D. Alexander

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