Sunday, 3 November 2013

Daily Express Petition: No to New EU Immigration

Crusade to Defend Young British People from Betrayal
The Daily Express has initiated a crusade to prevent mass immigration of Romanians and Bulgarians to Britain. The Government has planned to open the doors to a mass rush of people from Romania and Bulgaria, to take effect as of 1st of January 2014. From that date, the floodgates of Romania and Bulgaria will be opened, and millions of desperate people could start migrating from these two EU countries, fleeing their land and coming over to Britain to take jobs, accommodation and benefits, and to access all our social services for free.

Accustomed to a minimum wage of 154 to 170 euro a month for 40 hours a week work, or to unemployment, millions of people in Romania and Bulgaria see Britain, known to them as “the UK”, as a haven to flock to in mass. They want to get to the employment market, where the minimum wage is over six pounds an hour, and where housing benefits and job-seekers allowance, child benefits and free social services are to be offered them on a golden platter.

We in Britain do not want them to flock over, we have our own people who are entitled to employment, housing and social services. We believe that Romanians and Bulgarians can fare well in their own country, where they have plenty of fertile land and the chance to promote agriculture and industry. Unlike many arid countries in Africa, where people live in semi-desert countryside, where rain is scarce, where the soil is not so fertile or indeed is barren, Eastern Europe is fertile.

One Million Unemployed Young People in Britain
There are one million unemployed youth in Britain, aged between 16 and 24, and the Government is intent on betraying these people so as to give away their rights and chances to millions of people from Romania and Bulgaria.

The Wording of the Express Petition:
"We petition the Prime Minister to defy the EU and keep in place labour market controls on people from Romania and Bulgaria indefinitely and not to let these controls expire on December 31 2013 as he currently plans."

On 27 November 2013, the Daily Express delivered 150,000 signatures to 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister. As the petition exceeds 100,000 signatures, the Prime Minister is obliged to officially respond to the petition with a statement. Technically, this may require a discussion in Parliament and a vote.

Currently, Parliament asserts that there is nothing the British Government, or the House of Commons, can do to prevent anyone from Romania and Bulgaria moving to Britain and settling here, as the EU laws override British Law. Strictly speaking, this is Treason, as per British Constitution no foreign Parliament may exercise authority over Britain. But royal consent has been given to all EU treaties to which Britain is signatory, and consequently the monarch has signed away British Sovereignty to foreign governments and peoples.

As a result, millions of Romanians and Bulgarians could become immigrants in Britain, they could even be given money by foreign powers to come and settle here in order to support themselves, from a free ticket to the UK to the sum necessary to buy a house here. 
However, many would be looking at receiving free accommodation paid for by the British State, plus job-seekers allowance and children's allowance. 

The governments of Romania and Bulgaria will be eager to transfer 1 million Roma to the UK, many of whom will claim asylum as refugees, similar as to Roma from the Czech Republic and Slovakia who claim asylum in the UK and Canada on the grounds of ethnic persecution. 
And yet, anyone fleeing Romania and Bulgaria to head to Britain for the easy way out is in effect a refugee, someone fleeing a minimum wage of 170 euro a month - or indeed unemployment - in order to work for the British minimum £6+ an hour, or to get free housing and all attached benefits, with trimmings and dressings, that go with "living in the UK as an immigrant from Eastern Europe".

Our last farms may be bulldozed over and our last woods uprooted to build housing estates for the mad rush to "the UK" from every failed economy in Eastern Europe. They come over with the knowledge that "there is nothing the British can do about it", as our Sovereignty has been handed over with royal consent to foreign powers, indeed to half the world and their dog. 

Written by D. Alexander

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