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Britannia’s Light Tower Church

Our Fair Lady Britannia inherited the Roman Empire.
Part 1
The Foundation of the Church among all Nations
Revelation of the founding of the Church among all peoples on Earth comes through our Mother in High whose Church on the hill commands the Roman light tower.

In Capernaum in Galilee, Jesus declared his intention to go to a household consisting of people who were not Jews and bring the Spirit unto them. This was the founding promise heralding the coming of the Church among all peoples on Earth.

A Roman officer who lived in Capernaum had heard that Jesus, having healed many among the Jews, was preaching in the Name of God and had the power to give the Spirit. He asked Jesus to save his severely ill servant who was on the point of death even though they were not Jews, for he believed that the Lord’s Grace might be given also unto people of other nations.

Galilee of the Nations
In the Old Testament, it is written that the Lord would allow Galilee to be inhabited not only by members of the tribes of Israel, but also by folk of other origins.
He intended to send His Son to Galilee to be a Light to the nations.

In Isaiah 9:2 it is written:
The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.
This may be in reference to people practicing pagan beliefs to whom God had still not revealed His Word.

And in Isaiah 9:1 it is written:
The lands of Zebulun and Naphtali (which are part of Galilee) were once humbled, but later the Lord will honour Galilee of the nations (Gentiles), by the sea beyond the Jordan.

Clearly, Isaiah’s prophecy in 9:1-2 announces a great event that would become manifest to the nations in Galilee, to people who knew not the Word of God but relied on pagan beliefs.

When the centurion requested of Jesus the healing Spirit for his servant, the Saviour laid the foundation for the Lord’s Word in Isaiah 9:1-2 to be fulfilled.
He said to the centurion:
Matthew 8:7 I will go and make him well.

But the Roman officer asked Jesus to heal his servant from the distance, stating that he did not deserve to receive Jesus within his own house.
And he made a comparison which he believed would honour Jesus as a messenger of God. He stated that he himself was a man under authority of superiors, but had authority over the soldiers under his command:
Matthew 8:9
I order this one to go, and he goes, and I order that one to come, and he comes.   

By way of this comparison, he recognised that Jesus was sent by God’s Authority but also had authority of his own over the Spirit. Therefore, if he wanted, he could command and the Spirit would go and heal the servant.
He was in fact stating that the Spirit comes from God through Jesus.

The Saviour was surprised at this man’s faith, and promptly healed his servant from where he stood, at a distance, without going directly to the centurion’s house.  
He then said to those following him:
Matthew 8:10
I tell you, I have never found anyone in Israel with faith like this.

And our Saviour announced at that hour that multitudes among the nations (Gentiles, meaning people who are not Jews) would come to the Reign of God and sit at the table of the Lord and dine:
Matthew 8:11-12
I assure you that many will come from the east and the west and sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at the feast in the Kingdom of Heaven.
But those who should be in the Kingdom will be thrown out into the darkness.

With these words, Jesus announced in Galilee the coming foundation of the Church among all the nations. The institution of the Roman Empire was not coincidental, but intentional in the Lord’s purpose to establish the Christian Faith among all peoples in the world.

Written by D. Alexander

Part 2
Britannia Empress of Caesarea by the Sea

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