Friday, 27 February 2015

The Heavenly Monarch Jesus Christ

The Fair Lady of the British Isles shows us the road leading to Christ’s Church. She is Britannia.
The English Church
Only Christ can be the Leader of the English Church. 
No human can take his place or claim to be the supreme governor.
Our English Church is a union of the Church founded in Kent in the sixth century and the Church founded in Northumbria around fifty years later in the seventh century.

Our British Mother In High, Britannia, requires that we dedicate the United Kingdom to the Heavenly Monarch Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Mrs. Windsor is not “the head of” our English Church. 

Human people in our English Church are brothers and sisters, Jesus is our Leader, and he is the Gateway to the Father.
The Spirit comes from High, and all Prosperity is given from the High City, the Heavenly Zion.

Our Country cannot have a human monarchy and prosper.
In order for Prosperity to come, our elected Parliament cannot swear an oath of allegiance to a private family member, nor can our Police and Armed Forces and Judiciary.

Our Fair Lady Britannia stands next to God the Father. She is our Spiritual Mother and the Empress of Zion whom the Father has chosen.
She is the Spirit of Love and Prosperity over the British Isles.
Her road leads to the foundations of Christ’s Church and the House that is built upon it.

The Fair Lady who stands next to the Father has shown us the road to the Church of the Son of God because we cannot reach the Father or receive Prosperity from High unless we pass through the Gateway of our Saviour Jesus Christ.   

Written by D. Alexander

British Party and the Constitution

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