Friday, 13 February 2015

British Party: No Brother Wars

The Fair Lady
The Church of the Fair Lady indicates the road leading to Christ’s Church. She is our Divine British Mother who stands next to the Holy Father.
In order that we may receive Prosperity from High, our Spiritual Mother requires that we accept Jesus as our only Saviour.

She does not want us to seek or glorify wars between brethren who believe in Christ. She does not want us to wage wars of aggression against other countries in general.
The practice of becoming involved in wars that do not concern us, or playing the world’s policeman, does not come from the Fair Lady.

British Party will never be subdued or bullied into glorifying genocidal attacks on cities, or the mass expulsion of populations from their ancestral homelands. British Party promotes understanding and dialogue between Nations.

Seeking war and inciting our Country to hate another Nation is betrayal against the Fair Lady, whether that Nation believes or not in Christ.

But British Party will expose those who preach hate between brethren and those who plot the downfall of Nations.

Written by D. Alexander

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