Saturday, 13 July 2013

UK Parliament Reneges On Democracy

Democracy in Britain is championed by British Party, which aims to include in a new Constitution the right of local communities to call for a referendum on important local issues.

The British Government, and Parliament in general, do not believe in democracy, they are afraid of democratic values and have broken a promise to give the British people a fair say in our own affairs.

In October 2011, the House of Lords removed the flagship 'local referendum' provision from the Localism Bill which would have allowed communities to launch a referendum on any local issue.

Developers can now go ahead and do as they wish, local Government can do whatever the developers want them to do, enacting the agenda of successive central governments to uproot our farms and woods to accommodate mass immigration and force their EU agenda on us.
They can go ahead inundating our villages, towns and cities with more traffic stemming from more settlements, poisoning the air we breathe with chemical pollution, as whole suburban areas have to be built for millions of people coming over and settling down in Britain.

We have no right to a say in all this, we cannot call for a referendum on any local issue, no matter how important it is and regardless how it may affect the local population. Here is one example: in Dover we do not have the right to object to the population of our town being doubled or trebled through the construction of around 8,000 new homes within the coming twelve years, houses that would be built on farmland and woodland very close to our town, even on a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and, indeed, on a Scheduled Ancient Monument on the White Cliffs overlooking Dover. To no avail the public outcry, the petitions, the local community groups that sprang up to campaign against such massive transformation of our local heritage.

How many communities in Britain must simply look on as developers arrive and bring in the bulldozers, cordoning off farms and landscape for new housing estates, all to accommodate the alarmingly high increase of our population due to mass immigration?
The only chance we had to oppose this was the original localism bill, whereby each community in Britain could have called for a local referendum on an important issue whenever we felt an issue significantly affected us. But the Government, breaking its promise, aborted this right, for they knew we would have put it to good use in our own community interests.

Parliament reneged on our rights to local democracy and now we have no say in our own future. Is it not time the People of our Country associate British Party with true democracy? Let's face it, the Localism Bill was a sad joke, but the cost of breaking a promise that would have meant so much to us all could never be repaid once our natural and national heritage is handed over while we all stand there and just look on.

Written by D. Alexander

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