Monday, 11 February 2013

Will There Be Another Pope?

The pope has said he is going to resign on 28th February 2013. It will be interesting to see whether another pope will be elected to take his place.

St. Peter's Successor
St. Peter is one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, but he did not write a version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Peter called Mark his “son”, thus giving him the spiritual title of disciple and successor to his own Apostolic ministry.
Saint Mark the Evangelist, son of Peter, wrote the first version of the Gospel. Mark was not one of the Twelve, as he had not been a direct follower of Jesus, and what he wrote in his version of the Gospel, was imparted to him by Peter the Apostle.
The Gospel according to St. Mark is the Petrine version of the Word and Deeds of Jesus Christ.

The Synoptic Line of Succession
St. Matthew and St. Luke each structured their own version of the Gospel upon that of Mark the first Evangelist, so-by presenting us with a synoptic succession of the Petrine version of the Word of Jesus. Matthew and Luke also included in their presentation of the Scripture information that was not present in Mark's version. Much of this added information is about the birth and infancy of Jesus, and appears to have been directly given them by the Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ.
Matthew and Luke succeeded Mark in his Apostolic mission and built upon it, further edifying the House of Jesus Son of God.

Saint John the Evangelist
St. John wrote the fourth version of the Gospel, and being one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, he did not need to “succeed” Peter, but presented his Scripture based on its own structure, as a direct witness to Christ. For this reason, his book is not part of the synoptic cycle of the Gospel.
In the Gospel according to St. John, Jesus began to openly reveal himself to the People at a wedding in the town of Cana in Galilee. There his Mother said to him: “They have no wine left.”
Despite Jesus' protestations, She went on to say to the servants: “Do whatever he tells you.”
This, according to St. John, is the command from Mary, the Virgin Mother of Jesus, that initiated the preaching of the Reign of God to the Galileans.

Who Are the Popes?
The Catholic Church does not recognise St. Mark as the Successor to Peter the Apostle, but starts its line of successors with Linus. One Linus is briefly mentioned by St. Paul in one of his epistles, but nowhere is he mentioned in the New Testament as St. Peter's successor to the Apostolic Church.

None of the people listed in the Vatican's line of succession to the ministry of St. Peter contributed to the New Testament, and yet the Catholic Church declares them as the successors of Peter, while not acknowledging Mark the Evangelist as Peter's declared son and successor.

The Holy Scriptures
The Gospel could not have prevailed if the New Testament had not been written in writing by the four Evangelists. These Evangelists were members of the Priesthood of Jesus Christ, and they wrote either what they personally had witnessed of the Son of God, or that which others who did personally witness him taught them.

A Word from a Lady In High came thus:
people must love the words which the priests speak of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures.

Written by D. Alexander

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