Saturday, 9 February 2013

The EU Meat Scandal

Are we fed on rubbish due to EU regulation?

The Polish product was labeled as beef offcuts – slaughterhouse leftovers – that the Irish plants used as cheap filler material in budget-priced burgers”.

The statement from the Irish Agriculture Department comes after DNA testing in Ireland in January and February 2013 revealed a colossal meat scandal within the European Union. The Irish Police are investigating, and Ireland's government has announced that DNA testing revealed that meat offcuts imported to Ireland from Poland, and labeled as beef, in reality contain up to 75% horse meat.

What Rubbish Are People Being Fed on?
The very first question we should ask, is why the people of countries that are members of the European Union are being fed on cheap filler material in “budget-priced burgers”. Offcuts and leftovers from slaughterhouses are being sent from one end of the European Union to the other and processed as “integral food”, to be then sold at cheap prices to an impoverished population that does not really know what is landing on their plate.
These leftovers include horse meat, which costs a fraction of beef.

How much nasty fat is contained in cheap filler material offered to the impoverished populace in EU countries? What actually are the cutoffs and leftovers being fed to the people, even when the product really does contain only “beef”?
Mountains of integrated EU regulations, and cheap grub-meal, with cheap, nasty leftover by-products being transported from one corner of the EU to the other and sold for Public consumption!

The Meat Scandal Spreads Through the EU
Soon after Ireland announced the first discovery of horse meat in beef burgers in January 2013, DNA tests on meat samples were made in Britain, where Irish beef products are imported, and it led to the discovery of a large-scale fraud consisting of fake preprepared beef meals being sold in the form of burgers, lasagne and spaghetti bolognese in some of Britain's major super-market chains, with up to 100% horse meat being found in some of the items that were analysed.

It has been revealed that some of the cheap filler material comes from France, and that a French food producer imported it from Romania. To then sell some of it on to Britain. According to Reuters on 9 February 2013, “French Consumer Affairs Minister Benoit Hamon said an investigation had found that the horse meat had originated in Romania, although there were links with French, Dutch and Cypriot firms and a factory in Luxembourg".
Reuters reports that a French food manufacturer had “recalled lasagne and two other products after discovering that they included horse meat from Romania rather than beef from France as it had thought”.
One director general of a French food processor stated: “we thought we had certified French beef in our products. But in reality, we were supplied with Romanian horse meat. We have bee deceived”.

EU Consumption Policies Based on Ideological Dogma
The public in any country that is an EU member state is still deceived into believing that what they purchase as “made in their own country”, really is a home-made product. But EU ideology aims at making all member states artificially interdependent on each other.
The carbon footprint, meant to reduce transport distances from the producer to the consumer, is an enemy of EU policy, as too is the label saying “made in your own country”.

The European Union leaders are out to destroy sovereignty and sanity and replace it with an unending stream of transport vehicles carrying supplies from one end of Europe to the other, and even across the sea to Britain and Ireland: products that used to be, and could be, produced at home, in each individual country.

This is why the Public at large in Ireland, Britain, France and … who knows where else … is discovering that cheap leftovers from Polish and Romanian abattoirs are landing on their plate under the guise of “meat”, and that horse meat is being sold as “beef”.

Written by D. Alexander

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