Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Monarchy in Britain

Can a Human Family Require Worship of the People?
In Britain there is one family which claims to be the head of just about everything. The Windsor family. They claim to be the head of the English Church, the head of the Government, the head of the State, the head of the Armed Forces, and the head is always seen on money and postage stamps.

But are we required to worship this family? It is unelected yet claims to be omnipresent in our lives, over our institutions, and is surrounded by thousands of guards. The same family has at its exclusive disposal palaces, castles and vast estates, and receives payments in money from the British State and even from the European Union.
However, for all their luxury and financial wealth, no-one is obliged to worship them, for they cannot rule over the soul of other people.

The Celestial Monarchy
Prosperity comes from High, from where life on earth has its origin, namely from the High City that is House to the Throne of God. Our Saviour is Jesus Christ, whom the Father sent to us as Shepherd, showing us the gate to Life Eternal. He did not say that we have to worship a human family and call them head of the Church and head of the State.

For this reason alone the Windsor family cannot require worship from us, as they have not been given divine authority to do so. They do not receive our prayers and do not give prosperity, they cannot command the Spirit, and their luxurious way of life is not even in consonance with the message of the Gospel.

The Windsor family is not the founder of the English Church, which came into being through the Kentish king Ethelbert and his Christian wife Bertha, precisely in Kent, and also in Northumbria through the Celtic missionaries from the Scottish island of Iona.

Elected Government in Britain
Our chosen form of government in Britain is democracy and the House of Commons. Through democratic election we are entitled to periodically elect the Lower House of Parliament, where elected common people are expected to govern our Country to the benefit of the British People.

Written by D. Alexander
The Origins of the English Church:

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