Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Austerity Destroying Britain

The financial crisis is having a negative impact on Britain's society, effectively destroying people's health and even physically destroying Society.

Choosing Desolation
Britain's economy could prosper, we could be planting more orchards, increasing agricultural output, producing textiles and electronics and so many other things our economy once excelled in; but instead, our society is degenerating into poverty and desolation.

An article published on Sky News on 14 August 2012, under the title: Health Suffering in Austerity Britain, reveals the results of a survey among British GPs. According to this survey, an increasing number of women are requesting abortion because of their financial situation.

Children who would be born into our society are being aborted, their developing phase of life within the womb is being terminated as a result of Britain's fall into desolation. All this is happening while bankers and chief executives of large share-companies are battling to maintain their right to receive millions of pounds a year in annual bonuses to add to their top wages.

An End to Sport Activity in Return for Anxiety
Three quarters of the 300 GPs involved in the survey stated that the economic situation is making their patients unhealthier.
Doctors are saying that 60% of their patients have given up sports activities through lack of financial means, while an increasing number of people are seeking medical help for anxiety-related problems caused through financial stress. Indeed, they have reported a rise in heart disease and cancer for these very reasons, caused by stress and anxiety.

Britain's Families at Risk of Breaking up
Another cause for concern is an increase in alcohol abuse owing to finance-related stress problems. Unemployment is one major cause for stress, and so too is the knowledge that one may become unemployed any time soon. Parents with children, with rent or mortgage bills to pay, or who risk having to mortgage their house in order to access money, are at risk of falling into Britain's increasingly vicious private debt spiral.

Shark loans are common practice in Britain, when banks decline to give a loan and people turn to the shark loan scene. British Law does not pose any limit on interest rates, and so extortionate interest rates can be exacted on loans, such as 40% interest a month, or 4000% interest a year.

In Britain, this is perfectly legal, and the result it has on people's health, and on the breaking up of families, does not seem to bother in the least the high-class wealthy society of the rich. The money-lenders are quite happy to exact their pound of flesh on desperate folk, squeezing blood from a stone, as our society is being sacrificed to poverty, home-eviction and desolation.

Written by D. Alexander

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