Thursday, 28 March 2013

British Party: Emergency Response to Food Shortage

Britain could face a food crisis for multiple reasons, including floods, drought, financial crash, collapse in world trade and military upheaval around the world.

Part 1
Economic Crisis and Hunger in Britain
Currently there is an acute danger that we may experience an economic crisis that is far worse then losing one's bank savings, namely: we could find the shelves rapidly emptying of available products that we commonly take for granted.
If this were to happen, even money could become of little significance, as available comestible produce would need to be rationed regardless whether people have the financial means to purchase it. And the prospect of Britain going hungry ought not be underestimated.

Recognising and Avoiding a Food Shortage
Paramount consideration should be given to the prospect of Britain running low on food supplies. For this reason, British Party is continuing to propose enhanced agricultural policies to be introduced and implemented in the United Kingdom.
In order to avoid a shortage in food, we need to consider the various potential causes that could bring about the collapse in supplies reaching shops and supermarkets.

Britain's agricultural supplies are both homegrown and imported, so we should be looking at the impact of drought and flood both at home and abroad.
In 2012, the USA was badly hit by a crippling drought that destroyed a high proportion of crops in America, while in the same year, Britain was hit by a spate of floods that seriously damaged local crops. In this same period, China and India also experienced significant floods and consequently lost out on agricultural production.

So we know that crops can be seriously affected by drought and floods in different parts of the world at the same time, and now we need to determine which options are open to us in order to maintain a secure supply of food in the event of a repetition of this. Indeed, the month of March 2013 has seen British agriculture being severely hit by bad weather, with prolonged snow and frost setting in at the very outbreak of Spring. This is very disturbing news in view of what we experienced in 2012, as it is a continuation of unexpected bad weather directly affecting our food supply.

Once again, we need to urgently address the prospect of running low on produce of the field, hence the need to take urgent steps to assure an abundant, or at least a sufficient, supply of crops. Once we have recognised the danger, there is no excuse for not taking preventive action.

Written by D. Alexander

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