Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Britain's Celestial Monarchy

Jesus Christ Our Leader
Jesus Son of God was born to the royal House of David to bring Redemption to mankind. Born as King and High Priest to Israel and to all nations on Earth, Jesus is at the head of our Church, of all national Churches of the British Isles. He is our Monarch In High! From the High City of Zion, the Place of the Heavenly Temple, comes Prosperity. Our future Prosperity is with Jesus Son of God.

Our National Flag the Union Jack
Our Union Jack is dedicated to the Christian Faith, bearing the emblems of three Christian Saints. It is the flag of a Christian nation bearing testimony to the Christian Faith and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our future Constitution shall be based upon the Faith in Christ, our Leader and King in High.

The Road to Christ's Church
The road from the Church of our Fair Lady leads to the Foundations of Christ's Church, and upon these foundations our Christian Nation shall prosper. On entering the Church, people are not to make any symbolic signs, nor make any symbolic gesture of crucifixion, for Christ rose from the dead on the third day, he being the Lord of Resurrection.

Inside the Church, people are to listen to the sermon, without talking to one another, for we must love the words which the priests speak of Jesus from the Holy Scriptures. This is the sole Command that we have concerning the sermon.

Our Fair Lady is Mother of Love, and She stands next to the Almighty Father.
Her road leads to Christ's Church.

Written by D. Alexander

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